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Dive into Sicily´s seductive melting pot and discover a land of extremes: breathtaking mountains and active volcanoes, pristine beaches and ancient temples, Moorish cities and sleek resorts. A whole country within an island, our definitive guide gives you detailed regional coverage for the perfect getaway.READ UP - extensive history, culture and arts chapters help you get under Sicily´s skin and understand its complex culture FIRE WALK - whether climbing the slopes of Etna or snorkelling off Ùstica, our outdoor activities chapter will keep you busy for holidays to come DINE OUT - at street stalls or alfresco trattorie, seek out authentic Sicilian cuisine with our discerning reviews ISLAND HOP - full coverage of the Aeolian, Egadi and Pelagic Islands, including stunning Stromboli and secluded Pantelleria PLAN YOUR ADVENTURE with comprehensive itineraries and grid-referenced maps

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9788770493086
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  • Hæftet
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  • 304
  • Udgivet:
  • 1. Maj 2005

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