Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms af Bente R. Løwendahl E-bog, PDF

Strategic Management of Professional Service Firms


In this third revised edition, professor Løwendahl discusses the following issues: - To what extent are professional service firms (PSFs) different? - When is a service (not) professional? - What are particular challenges in managing PSFs? - What are important strategic issues for PSFs? - Hiring, training and keeping the right people - Competing for, gaining, delivering, and learning from the "right" client projects - Delivering the "right" kind of services the "right" way - Balancing the "right" mix of individually and organizationally controlled resources (especially competence, reputation, and client relationships) - Figuring out the "right" size of the firm - Going international/global or not - Avoiding the dangers of a "fuzzy" strategy - if you deliver everything a client wants, nobody will know what you're good at The book is written for and has received praise from practitioners and academics/students alike. The 3rd edition is updated and slightly expanded.

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  • 25. November 2011

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