Sustainable Transition of Housing and Construction af Jesper Holm E-bog, ePub

Sustainable Transition of Housing and Construction


New research in sustainable construction: Municipalities lead the way while the state remains passiveWhy is there no state support for the many initiatives within the field of sustainable construction? A new book about the future of housing puts the question up for debate.Jesper Holm, associate professor at the University of Roskilde and editor of the book Sustainable Transition of Housing and Construction, says:“Many municipalities are taking the lead in a strategic collaboration with housing and energy companies, contractors, developers and citizens in order to readjust the housing of the future in a more sustainable direction”.Holm is annoyed that the Danish state does not take part in the effort:“We are in need of concrete backing from the state, which ought to support the development by providing funding and room to maneuver and to draw up strategic plans with higher environmental requirements for renovation and construction projects. This is puzzling in a time where the move towards an energy consumption with reduced levels of CO2 is essential”.The authors contributing to Sustainable Transition of Housing and Construction bring together the large amount of experience and various practices connected with the subject. The approach is interdisciplinary, covering professions and areas both within the field of research and related to the practical efforts of the municipalities and the building sector.“Basically, we envision the kind of life the homes of the future will come to encompass. We’re concerned with stricter rules for energy consumption, environmentally friendly materials and recycling rainwater, yes, but we’re definitely also concerned with the socio-cultural phenomena of the everyday: What is a good life for the individual and the community in the home of the future?” says Jesper Holm.The book contains contributions from Morten Elle, Bo Elling, Kirsten Gram-Hanssen, Birgitte Hoffman, Jesper Holm, Jens Stissing Jensen, Jesper Ole Jensen, Ole Michael Jensen, Michael Lauring, Bella Marckmann, Ann-Louise Møhring, Maj-Britt Quitzau, Tina Gliese Schjerling, Inger Stauning, Bent Søndergård and Runa Cecilie Lund Sørensen. Søren Dyck-Madsen has been a consultant for the project.

  • Sprog:
  • Dansk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788771184419
  • Udgivet:
  • 11. Februar 2015

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