The coexistence of two Ecolabels af Peter Lange E-bog, ePub

The coexistence of two Ecolabels

- – The Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel in the Nordic Countries

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This analysis looks closer at the synergies and positioning between the fee structures and criteria of the two ecolabels, the dissemination and success of the two labels within different product groups and the experience with co-existence between the EU Ecolabel and other national and regional ecolabels. The analysis does this by performing interviews with representatives from the five Nordic ecolabelling secretariats, interviews with representatives from ecolabelling secretariats from France, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria as well as through a desk research of available material.The analysis is conducted by DAMVAD with expert assistance from Åke Thidell, Lund University.The project is commissioned by the Swan group under the Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production (HKP-gruppen) of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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  • 9789289327664
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  • 16. juli 2014

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