The Events af Wanda Louise Marks E-bog, ePub

The Events


Tanesha Matthews has met the perfect man, Mark Palmer. He is everything that her awful ex wasnt. He is loyal, kind, good-natured and best of all, all hers. They are just on the verge of starting their own family together when tragedy strikes leaving Tanesha unable to cope with the loss of the person that she loved more than anyone else in the world. She is devastated, how will she manage without him? Susie Seymour is rich, fabulously rich and like many other rich twenty somethings she has developed a rather nasty cocaine habit. It will be her downfall in more ways than one but she is too busy enjoying her life with her new boyfriend EZ to care about that. She goes through money like there is no tomorrow and has not a care in the world until one awful night when she wishes that she had never touched a drug in her life. Jennifer James has it all: a great job, a beautiful place to live and a fabulous boyfriend. She couldnt ask for more. She is however about to get a rather nasty surprise, just when she thinks that her loyal boyfriend Graham is about to propose to her he dumps her for a blonde Essex girl called Vicki! Thoroughly upset and angry she realises that men are all the same even the well-bred ones it would appear. One by one the girls all experience the unpleasant end of the stick that life is offering them and they are forced to take action to deal with the people responsible for causing them unpleasant and unnecessary pain and discomfort in their lives. These are not women to be crossed.

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9781624887864
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  • 29. Marts 2013

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