The History of Danish Law af Ditlev Tamm Bog, Hæftet

The History of Danish Law

- Selected Articles and Bibliography


Ditlev Tamm has with this book collected a series of articles concerning Danish history of law that has not before been available in English. The subjects concentrate on the main topics of legal history, legislation, courts and legal thinking from the middle ages till our times. This is not qiute the complete history of Danish law but a mere introduction to those interested in Danish law and who wishes to seek information on the historical background. Ditlev Tamm is Professor of og Legal History at the University of Copenhagen sand has been since 1978. He has written several books in the fields of Danish and European legal history, comparative law, political history, biographies, and cultural history. IndholdsoversigtPrefaceThe Danes and Their Legal HeritageHOw Nordic are the Old Nordic Laws?The Birth of Danish Legal Science in the 16th and 17th CenturiesCrime and Courts in Early Modern Denmark and NorwayThe Danish Code of 1683: AN Early European Code in an International ContextThe Danish Debate om Montesquieu: Holberg, Kofod Ancher, Stampe, Sneedorf and SchytteAnders Sandøe Ørsted and the Influence from the Civil Law upon Danish Private Law at the Beginning of the 19th CenturyThe Danish Constitution of 5 June 1849: Genesis and ImpactProfessors and Politics in the 19th CenturyHarmonization of Nordic Law in the 19th and 20th CenturiesAlf Roos 1899-1979 - a Biographical OutlinePhases of Collaboration, Shades of Guilt: Coping with the Tangled Web of Collaboration in Post-war DenmarkBy Way of Conclusion: From European to a Global Approach?Danish Legal History: Selected Bibliography of Boooks and Articles in English, German, French, Italian and SpanishAcknowledgementsIllustrations 

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