The Ice People 1 - Spellbound af Margit Sandemo E-bog, ePub

The Ice People 1 - Spellbound

- Spellbound


In English eBook now for the first time The Legend of the Ice People has already captivated 29 million readers across Europe.Winter 1581: a deadly plague outbreak robs sixteen-year old peasant girl Silje of all her family. Homeless, starving and shepherding two foundling infants, she stumbles through the corpse-strewn streets of Trondheim on Norways northern coast.Heading desperately for the warmth of the mass funeral pyres blazing beyond the city gates, she encounters in the shadowy forest one of the infamous Ice People, a fearsome, strangely captivating wolf man. He offers help -- and she feels irresistibly drawn to him. But what is the terrible fascination? And where will it lead?Spellbound, the opening volume in The Legend of the Ice People, begins a journey that spans four centuries and interweaves romance and the supernatural in narratives that are passionate, earthy, often erotic and imbued above all else with a powerful narrative drive.Reviews'Margit Sandemo is, simply, quite wonderful.' - Emine Saner, The Guardian'Full of convincing characters, well estabished in time and place, and enlightening ... will get your eyes popping, and quite possibly groins twitching ... these are graphic novels without pictures ... I want to know what happens next.'- Christina Hardyment, The Times'A mixure of myth and legend interwoven with historical events, this is imaginative creation that involves the reader from the first page to the last.'- Anne Oughton, Historical Novels Review'Loved by the masses, the prolific Margit Sandemo has written over 172 novels to date and is Scandinavia s most widely read author...' - Mia Gahne, Scanorama magazine

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9788771072785
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  • 30. Oktober 2012

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