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the In-House providing in European Law

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The distinction between in-house and ex-house providing is fundamental and well-known in practice and theory. It is of utmost importance as the consequence of the categorization of an arrangement as "in-house" is, that it falls outside of the scope of the EC public procurement rules. However, for various reasons it is often very difficult to establish whether an arrangement is in-house or not. The case law from the European Court of Justice on this subject-matter is highly complex whereas the case law at national level is sparse. Furthermore, the legal literature both at national and international level has been relatively limited. This book deals with in-house in a broader perspective and looks into the interpretation, implementation and practice at national level in a range of member states.This book is the first in the new European Procurement Law Series, that hopefully will contribute to a strengthened dialogue between the various legal cultures in the field of procurement and become a well-known source of inspiration. Contents Foreword by the Editors of the European Procurement Law Series The In-House Providing: The Law as It Stands in the EUby Roberto CarantaIn-House providing - European regulations vs. national systemsby Fabrizio Cassella"In-House" Providing in Germanyby Martin BurgiIn-House Providing in Italy: the circulation of a modelby Mario Comba"In-House Providing" in spanish Public Procurementby Julio González Garcia"In-House" Providing in Polish Public Procurement Lawby Marcin SpyraIn-House Providing in Denmarkby Steen TreumerFrom the indivisible Crown to Teckal: the In-House provision of works and services in the United Kingdomby Martin TrybusList of Authors

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