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"The Key to a Richer Life ~ Thoughts Are Like Seeds - You Reap What You Sow!" ~ How to turn Self Help, Personal Growth and Development into a Successf


Brian Tracy - Author of "The Power of Self-Confidence" says: - This excellent book shows you how to release your potential for happier, more successful living." ~ Kyle Wilson - founder of Jim Rohn International and YourSuccessStore.com says: "Is more knowledge the key to success? Working harder? Being around the right people? Well the answer could very well be given in Benedicte Frölich?s book "The Key to a Richer Life." Ultimately as she so clearly defines, it is up to each of us to work through life's equations and the unique scenarios we are given. Benedicte supplies the road map and a fog light to get you through some of life's challenging issues and helps you then reach your own goals to success." ~ DESCRIPTION: Why do we expose ourselves and thereby also those we love and care for, to a life only half lived, when we actually can get it all, we can live life to the fullest? So few have learnt to believe in themselves, or to really believe in and uncompromisingly strive for achieving their own dreams and aspirations in order to create the most amazing and richer life, on all levels. We all have our paradigms, and our fixed modes of thinking and acting and it is all too often that we let them rule our lives, or that we allow our "here and now" situation and our outside influences to direct and control our moods and our lives! All the way back to the early philosophers and thinkers, there have been writings about these fundamental "principles of life"- We become what we think! You are and you will receive what you are thinking about! Your thoughts affect your mind, your mind your emotions, your emotions your actions and your actions your results! I am sure the book will be a great source of inspiration for many people to begin taking their lives seriously. I am also convinced it will be a great help to those who wish to create and thereby LIVE the RICHEST and most amazing life imaginable! So when we are talking about lifestyle, it is a question of living more, living more fully, living with more contentment, and living with a more overall appreciation, respect and gratitude. Living life to the fullest! Living NOW! The fuller the life we live, the more we will be inspired to do and the more we achieve the more we shall receive! - We can all change our lives for the better - but it takes effort! This book has been written to be an inspiration and a motivation to help see and have the belief that it is possible to take control over your own life. Finding your true values of life, having increased self-esteem, etc. That change, development and growth IS possible, no matter where we might find ourselves in our lives right now! This book is for those who want more out of life. Something more - something bigger!

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  • 9788799500543
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  • 16. August 2013

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