The Key to the Happy Now af Johan von Schönbrunn Bog, Paperback

The Key to the Happy Now

- Realize the Power of Your own Convictions


The lives of numerous people would change in a positive way; if only they knew how great an influence their own convictions have on their daily activities. With the realization of this , they would probably immediately begin to exchange useless (and perhaps even harmful) convictions and ideas with new and better ones. In this way any miserable day can become one filled with joy and fun. Is that not exactly what it is all about? Does not everybody want to be happy?Unfortunately, the ever so much wanted joyousness cannot be caught, bought or invented. It must happen by its own power. But we can invite it! There are many ways of doing this. One of the best methods is OBSERVING BEAUTY. This means to be open for the impressions that are to be observed through all our senses, and at the same time be aware of who the observer is.This is the second volume of Johan von Schönbrunn´ trilogy Schönheit schauen (Observing Beauty) written for people who intuitively know that merely a small quantity of light is necessary to disperse darkness. By observing beauty now and then and by deleting diverse convictions, the tiring everyday stress can be converted into days of joyousness. It is absolutely wonderful to alter a hectic situation into the calming pleasure of : ""then I prefer to go and observe beauty"".

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  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788799023516
  • Indbinding:
  • Paperback
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  • 188
  • Udgivet:
  • 1. November 2007

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