The Survival of the Danish Model af Petersen L Bog

The Survival of the Danish Model

- a historical sociological analysis of the Danish system of collective bargaining


The first comprehensive analysis since 1952 of the development of the Danish system of labour market organisations and collective bargaining - from its establishment at the end of the 19th century up to the collective agreements conducted in 1993. The work will be welcomed as a long-needed updating of Walter Galenson's ""The Danish System of Labor Relations. A Study in Industrial Peace"". The analysis focuses on the relations between the two dominant labour market organisations, LO and DA. The establishment of centralized bargaining on collective agreements and of the practice of involving the labour market parties in the implementation of labour market legislation and economic policy forged consenus-based links between the main actors in industrial relations: the state and the labour market organisations. Thus the main thesis posited by the authors is, that the institutionalised framework for negotiations develop by these opposing parties over the past century, constitutes the core of the Danish Model, ultimately leading to the emergence of the Danish welfare state. The book also outlines scenarios for the role to be played by the labour market parties in the future.

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  • 7. Januar 1994

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