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Tourism Methodologies

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Working on your Master Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation, have you ever felt the limits of your methodological toolbox when it comes to grasping the complexity or messiness that emerges when you begin scratching the surface of your drawn up research agenda?As an experienced researcher, are you preoccupied with the ways your actions in doing and thinking research have affected and continue to affect your research outcomes?Have you looked for new types of doing research but felt discouraged by traditional perceptions of good and bad data sources or you have looked for alternative paths to creating better and richer research materials while acknowledging the (co)creative aspects of knowledge production?If you can recognize the above or similar issues, you might find the present book of inspiration.Tourism Methodologies is aimed at researchers who share our desire to engage with new and innovative approaches to an already well established repertoire of tourism methodologies. The book deals with a wide variety of themes relating to qualitative tourism research but, in particular, it addresses how the issues of meaning making, mobility and performance are integrated elements in the research process.

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  • 9788763003339
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  • 4. September 2014

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