Towards a Nordic textile strategy af David Palm E-bog, ePub

Towards a Nordic textile strategy

- Collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of textiles

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This report is the primary outcome from Part I of the project “Towards a Nordic textile strategy - Collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of textiles” initiated by the Nordic Waste Group (NAG). The report for Part 2 will be published in December 2014.
This report summarizes the work carried out in 2013. The three subreports will be the basis for the work to be performed in 2014. The reports for 2013 are:
• International market survey of textile flows in the Nordic region and the market for collection, sorting, preparing for reuse, reselling and waste management of textiles.
• Collection and sorting systems A total of 19 collection systems are compared for collection flows, contamination levels, cost, suitability of collected textile and availability for the consumer. Four sorting systems are described.
• Technology review of sorting and recycling of textiles that describes available and future technology.
The report is part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ overall green growth initiative: “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth.” Read more in the web magazine “Green Growth the Nordic Way” at

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  • 16. juni 2014

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