Trevor's Truth 2 af L. Sherman E-bog, ePub

Trevor's Truth 2


In Part 1 of Trevor’s Truth we met Trevor and Millie who were each other’s teenage crushes. Fate kept them apart for more than a decade, but now Millie has taken it upon herself to make a trip into her own sexuality. She has signed up for a course at a posh sex club, Piacere, in L.A. What she doesn’t know is that her first “tutor” a master of the club is the one and only Trevor from her past.
In Part 2 Trevor is back in L.A. After years overseas building two thriving businesses. He has kept his long-term friendship with Justin, Millie’s brother and now that he’s back in the city of angels he’s also invited to family dinners just as old times. Seeing Millie that first night in the club he knew that he was playing with fire by not revealing his identity. But one taste is never enough, and he needs another sample and another before coming clean. Remember to listen to the Spotify playlist Trevor’s Truth while reading. All my books have their own exclusive playlists.
Author's note
“How did I come up with the topic? “A Sex Education” or as Trevor and James have adeptly named it SexUcation. Even in the year 2019, there’s still a lot of taboo around women owning their sexuality and being in touch with their needs. I loved building a story around men seeing it as just as important that a woman knows what she wants, how and when, and them teaching us to be as open about our sexuality as they are. Let the journey begin.” Writer L. Sherman
Trevor’s Truth Part 2
I tugged the black turtleneck into my jeans and snagged the black mask from the side table. It was Friday and in 10 minutes Millie would walk through the door in her sexy new outfit. I wouldn't even be able to see her properly; the mask would make sure my identity continued to be disguised. At this point, I couldn't afford a premature revelation; she would shun me for life if she knew I was behind her education.
A plush velvet armchair was placed in the middle of the small private room. It was the only piece of furniture. A red velvet pillow was deliberately placed on the floor in front of the chair. I lowered myself into the chair, reached out for the glass of scotch on the table, and drank a generous amount before I pulled the full-face mask over my head. It was breathable and in a dark mesh material, barely transparent. I would, however, be able to see enough of her when she entered the room.
My cock was straining against the buttons of my jeans. I'd gone commando tonight, not something I usually did, but it seemed fitting for the second session in Millie's SexUcation.
"Oh. My. Freaking. God." He was sex on sticks with sweat running down his torso from the hard labor. I squirmed in my seat, pressing my knees together to stop the throbbing. My mind darted back to last night when I'd sucked the mystery man dry three times. I could still taste his cum even after having brushed my teeth more than a few times. It was a sweet and forbidden taste and now I wanted more.
I openly ogled Trevor's backside as he turned the corner of the house. What a strange coincidence he was here today. Or maybe not, if I thought about it. He and Justin had always been inseparable, joined at the hips as twins, and now that Trevor was in the neighborhood for good, why wouldn't they get together. Except for the fact that Justin wasn't here today, they were at the hospital. I hoped for poor Stella that they would put her out of her misery soon and deliver my nieces.
One last time I let my dreams take over. I was back in the dark private room at Piacere, my front pressed against the glass wall while people were watching my mystery lover going down on me from behind.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9788793767119
  • Udgivet:
  • 3. april 2019

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