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Two Stories

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Virginia Woolf was one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century. With her husband, Leonard Woolf, she started the Hogarth Press in 1917: the list ranged widely in fiction, poetry, politics and psychoanalysis, and published all Virginia Woolf s own work. Its first publication appeared in 2017: Two Stories, bound in bright Japanese paper, contained a short story from both Virginia and Leonard. Typeset and bound by Virginia, with illustrations by Dora Carrington, 134 copies were printed by Leonard using a small handpress installed in the dining room at Hogarth House, Richmond.To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Publication No. 1 this new edition of Two Stories takes the original text of Virginia s story, The Mark on the Wall (with illustrations by Dora Carrington), and pairs it with a new story, St Brides Bay , by Mark Haddon, a lifelong reader of Virginia Woolf.TWO STORIES also includes a portrait of Virginia Woolf by Mark Haddon, and a short introduction from the publisher about the founding of the Press.

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