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Unfolding a Mountain

- A Historical Archaeology of Modern and Contemporary Cave Use on Mount Pelion


Unfolding a Mountain has an innovative and thoughtprovoking approach to the neglected topic of the role of caves in the modern and recent historical past in Greece.A team of archaeologists, ethnologists, and a geologist present the results of a survey on Pelion Mountain in East Thessaly, Greece. Through an integrated ethnographic and archaeological approach, the project transcends its scientific frame and offers a human picture of the experiences of cave dwellers through historical evidence, interviews, physical anthropology, material culture, and graffiti. The book offers empirical documentation and theoretical reflections on the plurality of cave narratives in the Pelion landscape and on the factors influencing modern/recent historic cave use.Unfolding a Mountain is aimed at a broad audience that includes academics and students of archaeology, ethnology, history and landscape studies, as well as members of the public with an interest in the rural facets of Modern Greek History. Although the geographic focus of this book is a portion of the eastern Greek mainland, many of the themes are relevant to the wider Mediterranean region, where caves are abundant.

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  • 9788771243796
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  • 11. december 2017

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