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With Shuddering Fall af Joyce Carol Oates Spar 0% E-bog, ePub

With Shuddering Fall

- A Novel


The first novel fromNew York Times-bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates, a thrilling, dark tale of family, revenge, and two souls intertwined by love and violencenow back in print for fans of Americas most prolific storyteller.Written when Joyce Carol Oates was in her early twenties,and first published in 1964, With Shuddering Fallis her powerful debut novel, the first of five new Oates reprints from Ecco.Following the turbulent story of two lovers who discover themselves mortal enemies, the author explores the struggle for dominance in erotic relationships that has become a predominant theme in her work, as well as the perils of patriarchal inheritance, and the ripple-effects of emotional loss in adolescence. The result is an unsentimental yet sympathetic rendering of a disastrous love affair in which hatred is nearly as powerful as love, and a yearning for destruction is an abiding and insatiable passion.Discover what prompted theNew York Timestocompare this young writers debutto Shirley Jacksons famous short story, The Lottery. Readers looking for a place to start in Joyce Carol Oatessvast catalogue will be intrigued by the sheer narrative force of the young author, and her willingness to anatomize the darkest recesses of humanity in a search for redemption and resolution.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9780062795694
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  • DRM
  • Udgivet:
  • 13. marts 2018

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