WTO adjudication af Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel Bog, Hæftet

WTO adjudication

- an institutional analysis of adjudicative balancing of competing interests - exemplified with developments in interpretation of GATT article III and XX


In light of the institutional and organisational developments in the multilateral trading system resulting from the entry into force of the WTO, the book seek to explore the scope for adjudicative balancing of competing interests.Practical examples are taken from the developments in adjudicative interpretation of GATT Articles III and XX in the context of the trade/environment interface.In the context of the multilateral trading system in GATT/WTO focus is in particular on the:* developments in the dispute settlements system* jurisdiction of dispute settlements, questions of applicable law and interpretation* legal status of previous adopted and unadopted, GATT and WTO, panel and Appellate Body dispute settlements reports scope for judicial lawmaking in the multilateral trading system developments in interpretation of GATT Articles III and XX.The book is based on the author´s Ph.D. and appeals to anyone interested in, working with or studying the multilateral trading system.Author: Bugge Thorbjørn Daniel, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of law, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, Legal Department

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  • 9788761910387
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  • 27. maj 2005

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