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Vægttab og slankekost

Ønsker du at tabe dig eller vil du blot have inspiration til bøger om at leve sundt, så er her et stort udvalg af slankebøger, sund mad, LCHF bøger og mange flere. Der er et stort udvalg af bøger om slankekurer og low carb bøger så du kan spise dig sund og slank. Er du til palæo, rawfood, retrokur så er du også kommet det rette sted.

  • Matcha Cookbook af Aster
    - Discover the health benefits and uses of matcha, with 50 delicious recipes
    af Aster

    From a simple matcha latte, to ice cream, infused salt, smoothie bowls, tea loaves and homemade beauty recipes, The Matcha Cookbook explores the history, health benefits and 50 delicious recipes using this super healthy ingredient.As an ingredient, matcha is growing in popularity with health foodies and wellness seekers, with over 2.7 million posts on Instagram. Research shows that matcha can reduce the risk of cancer, improve heart health, aid recovery from exercise and help prevent ageing; the traditional matcha tea alone contains the nutritional equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea, with 137 times more antioxidants, acting as the body's defence agents.Recipes include:Creamed corn & egg on sourdoughMatcha bliss ballsSummer rolls with matcha dipping sauceSeared rib eye steak with matcha dressed greensMatcha lemon posset

  • G Plan Diet af Amanda Hamilton
    - The revolutionary diet for gut-healthy weight loss
    af Amanda Hamilton & Hannah Ebelthite

    As seen on ITV's Save Money: Good Health 'The beauty of the G Plan is that it's about abundance...You'll be surprised how quickly positive affects appear!' - Top Sante'G Plan the diet that really works' - Irish Sunday IndependentLosing weight never felt so good.Do you want to lose weight easily and healthily? Do you want to improve your gut health? Do you want to increase your energy and vitality at the same time? The latest research in nutrition suggests that if you want to lose weight for good, you need a healthy gut with a diversity of good bacteria. Beginning with a digestive 'rest' and including the 10 best gut healthy foods, the 21 day plan will help you say goodbye to bloating and discomfort, lose even stubborn weight and look forward to increased energy, clear skin and improved mood. Over 40 recipes are included that are quick and easy to prepare, and success stories are featured throughout. The G Plan Diet is weight loss+.

  • Naturally Delicious Snacks & Treats af Sophie Tyrrell
    - Over 100 healthy recipes
    af Sophie Tyrrell & Gracie Tyrrell

    Sophie and Grace Tyrrell, founders of Squirrel Sisters have revolutionised healthy snacking. Now, you can bring their expert knowledge into your own home and make nutritious and delicious treats to enjoy at any time of day, in the office, at home, in packed lunches and on the go.Split into chapters including Breakfast Time, On-the-Move, Share the Love and Sweet Tooth, recipes span from fruit and nut bars to energy balls, bakes and brownies. Including recipes for the sister's signature energy bars but also expanding to savoury party treats including popcorn, samosas and savoury cheese souffls. Treats with a healthy twist range from beetroot brownies to mini clairs and even healthy cocktails! The Squirrel Sisters use fresh ideas and ingredients to create a clever selection of snacks and treats for all year round. Using everyday kitchen appliances the sisters demonstrate how to create clever combinations of flavours that don't break the bank, whilst also ensuring a healthy and happy you.An exciting paperback package featuring a combination of beautiful and vibrant illustrations and photography and a double-boarded cover this is a modern, exciting book to inject new life into your diet - snacking never tasted so good. Go on, treat your health!

  • Eat Real to Heal af Nicolette Richer Spar 15%
    - Using Food As Medicine to Reverse Chronic Diseases from Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and More
    af Nicolette Richer

    #1 Amazon Best Seller! - Disease-fighting healthy foodsBeat cancer and other diseases by changing your diet: If you want to feel active, clear-minded. and strong enough to fight off disease, it all starts with the food you put into your body. Eat Real to Heal shows you the organic, plant-based foods you should be eating. Focusing on diet, nutrition, and meditation, this book teaches you how to power up your immune system and give yourself the best possible chance at beating chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, acne, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and even cancer.Fortify and detoxify with vegan recipes: Eat Real to Heal shows you how to create and follow a meal plan that utilizes nutritious, vegan recipes, made with pure and organic ingredients, that are quick, easy, and delicious! Also, learn about juicing, managing stress, detoxifying your home, breathing exercises and yoga that connect you with your body, and the Gerson Therapy.Reach optimal health in just 5 weeks: If you've been diagnosed with a serious or a non-life-threatening illness, you're in remission, you want to stop taking medications or you're just looking to feel better this book is for you! The easy-to-follow advice and instructions in Eat Real to Heal will get you feeling vibrant, strong, and energized, and give you the best possible chance at preventing and beating all kinds of chronic diseases-from acne to diabetes to cancer in just five weeks!Eat Real to Heal will teach you how to:Upgrade your eating habits and your lifestyle.Flood your body with nutrients and detoxify your system.Boost your immune system and turn your body into a disease-fighting machine.Fight off disease and feel rejuvenated with this ultimate guide to healthy eating.

  • How to Retrain Your Appetite af Dr Helen McCarthy
    - Lose weight permanently eating all your favourite foods
    af Dr Helen McCarthy

    This self-help book is for people who have gained weight because they have lost touch with using natural hunger and fullness signals to guide their eating. This book shows you how to relearn to eat in tune with your body, whilst still eating your favourite foods, taking one manageable step at a time. It is the antithesis to 'going on a diet'. It is also the antidote to 'clean eating', as you eat what you already, and have always, loved instead of a prescribed set of acceptable foods. The unique position of The Appetite Doctor's appetite retraining programme is that it bridges biology and psychology and puts the focus on specific habit change, all while taking into account the natural resistance we have to making changes. It teaches you how to work with, not against, your body.This book contains the following chapters: 1. A New Approach to Weight Loss 2. The Appetite System - an overview of the science behind your taste buds and digestion, introducing Dr McCarthy's concept of the Appetite Pendulum. 3. The Psychology of Eating and Appetite 4. Stop Eating When You're Full 5. Establish a New Routine 6. Tackle Your Saboteurs 7. Wait Until You're Definitely Hungry 8. Stop Emotional Eating 9. Know What to Eat 10. Maintain Your New Weight.

  • Super Grains, Nuts & Seeds af Renee Elliott
    - Truly modern recipes for spelt, almonds, quinoa & more
    af Renee Elliott

    Grains, nuts and seeds are increasingly popular as part of a balanced, healthy diet. As vegetarian and vegan diets rise in popularity, they are readily recognised as excellent sources of protein and carbohydrate.Including a comprehensive guide to grains, nuts and seeds, this exhaustive volume will also cover all you need to know to buy, prepare, cook and store your superfoods, including soaking, sprouting and growing at home.Over 50 recipes are divided into breakfasts, small bites, small dishes, big dishes and sweet treats & bakes. Rene Elliott has collected a mouthwatering range of recipes that are truly international in flavour whilst also covering the myriad health benefits of each ingredient.Beautifully packaged and lavishly illustrated with beautiful photography, this pocket-sized volume is an exhaustive guide to everything you need to know about grains, nuts and seeds.Other titles in this series include:SuperRoot SpicesandSuper Pulses.

  • Super Pulses af Jenny Chandler
    - Truly modern recipes for beans, chickpeas & lentils
    af Jenny Chandler

    Pulses are incredibly economical as well as healthy and, increasingly, people are looking for new sources of protein as meat eating wanes (for both environmental and economical reasons). This is a truly modern look at preparing under-exploited protein-packed pulse ingredients. Including an illustrated guide to pulses, this exhaustive volume also covers all you need to know to buy, prepare, cook and store your superfoods. Chapters include: The Power of the Pulse, The Recipes and Check Your Pulse. Try canellini, parmesan and basil frittelle or perhaps celeriac and Puy lentil remoulade before tucking into Adzuki bean ice cream with crystallized ginger. Divided into nibbles & dips, small bites, soups & salads, big dishes and sweet treats, Jenny Chandler has collected a mouthwatering range of recipes that are truly international in flavour and will provide plenty of tips for everyday catering. With modern, crisp photography and an elegant design this is a book to update every foodie's bookshelf and will be a go-to book for years to come.Other titles in this series include:SuperRoot SpicesandSuper Grains,Nuts & Seeds.

  • Asma's Indian Kitchen af Asma Khan
    - Home-cooked food brought to you by Darjeeling Express
    af Asma Khan

    Let Asma Khan feed your soul with this collection of authentic Indian recipes. Award-winning restaurant Darjeeling Express began life as a dinner party with friends; Indian food lovingly cooked from family recipes that go back generations. In this book, Asma reveals the secret to her success, telling her immigrant's story and how food brought her home. The recipes pay homage to her royal Mughlai ancestry and follow the route of the Darjeeling Express train from the busy streets of Bengal, through Calcutta, where she grew up, and along the foothills of the Himalayas to Hyderabad.Platters of dishes boasting texture and intense flavour encourage you to gather for a traditional 'dawaat' (feast). Starting with simple midweekFeasts For Two, Asma then reveals the way to quick and easy cooking with less spice for Family Feasts. There are Feasts For Friends for when you want to show off a little and Celebratory Feasts to feed a crowd. Many of the recipes are vegetarian, there are sweet treats and drinks, too, and all feature alongside lesser-known recipes and stories unique to Asma's family. This is more than just a collection of delicious and accessible recipes, it is a celebration of heritage, culture, community and quality. This is Asma's Indian Kitchen."e;There's no need to book a flight to experience Indian home cooking"e; - Fay Maschler, Evening Standard"e;Asma is a force of nature: bold, funny, talented, philanthropic and unstoppable"e; - Grace Dent, Grace & Flavour"e;This is serious Indian cooking"e; -Tom Parker Bowles, Daily Mail

  • Vegan Recipes from the Middle East af Parvin Razavi Spar 14%
    af Parvin Razavi

    Enjoyment, hospitality, tradition, creativity, sustainability and joy of life ̶ these starting points were the inspiration for this book. The cooking of vegetables is treated with reverence in the lands that make up the rich and varied tapestry of the Middle East. The people depend on the grains and pulses, nuts, vegetables and fruits of the region for their daily food and Parvin Razavi has taken the fresh and varied cuisines of Iran, Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey to create a beautiful vegan cookbook. Whether as a main course or for the traditional mezze, this book contains dishes that blend natural culinary delights from the various food cultures and combines them with contemporary approaches. Here are warm and spicy stuffed vegetables, cool and fragrant soups, delicate preserves, pilafs, breads, pickles, relishes and pastries. The varied cuisines of the Middle East provide a wealth of vegan recipes.

  • Jar Food af Dominique Eloise Alexander
    - Recipes for on-the-go
    af Dominique Eloise Alexander

    Take wholesome food with you every day whatever you are doing. Whether it is having breakfast on the go or taking ten minutes for a breath of fresh air and a quick snack in the afternoon,Jar Foodis full of simple, delicious recipes that you can make with minimal effort.Recipes in the book take you through all the seasons and the great thing about making your own breakfasts and lunches is that the recipes are crying out to be chopped and changed with any ingredient you prefer. From breakfast ideas that include Coconut & Chia Overnight Oats, Super Green Super Smoothie and Cranberry and Almond Bircher Muesli to main meals suggestions from layered Sushi Jar, Pomegranate Pilaf, and Mediterranean Falafel Salad - classic recipes (some with a twist) will keep you going throughout the day or refuel you after a long one. And for anyone in need of a mid-morning pickup, Chocolate Orange Energy Balls will satisfy the sweet tooth without feeling too guilty. But if you're looking to go all out, then the Hot Chocolate Mousse Jars are at the top of our list!Healthy, quick, nutritious and easy, with over 30 recipes that are mainly vegetarian or vegan, or which can be easily adapted to being meat and dairy free, food on-the-move needn't ever be boring again.

  • Rainbow Diet af Deanna M Minich Spar 20%
    af Deanna M Minich

    Forget about bland, colorless diet foods - now's the time to invite rainbow health into your life! In The Rainbow Diet, nutritionist and health expert, Dr. Deanna Minich, introduces a cutting-edge path to attaining physical, mental, and spiritual health through colorful whole foods and natural supplements. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the nutrition and health fields, Dr. Minich merges ancient healing and eating practices with modern nutritional science. The result is an easy-to-follow, transformational guide to the food and supplements we need to achieve an inner rainbow of optimal health.The Rainbow Diet makes full-spectrum healing easy, vibrant, and delicious. Dr. Minich outlines specific colorful foods, supplements, recipes, and activities to help you heal and flourish. You'll learn how to make your plate a colorful artist's palette, featuring a rainbow spread of whole foods that provide your body with the essential nutrients necessary for optimal, lasting health. Follow The Rainbow Diet and you'll achieve not only physical health, but also mental clarity, emotional well-being, and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Healing Chronic Candida Cookbook af Cynthia Perkins Spar 25%
    af Cynthia Perkins

    This companion piece to Cynthia Perkins' Healing Chronic Candida features over 100 recipes to use in conjunction with her holistic approach to battling candida.

  • Dodging Diabetes Deliciously af Constance Holmes EdD Spar 24%
    - A Low-Carb Approach to Prediabetes
    af Constance Holmes EdD

    Dodging Diabetes Deliciously offers a timely intervention in the form of 16 meals with fewer than 20 grams of carbohydrate each - including dessert! The recipes have been glucose-tested on the chef, Connie Holmes, Ed.D (herself working to reverse her pre-diabetes) and are simple and easy-to-prepare. But this is no ordinary diabetes prevention cookbook. This mouth-watering collection - drawing on fresh, local, organic and seasonal ingredients and illustrated with vivid photography - is a celebration of good food and good health. It is also is a valuable source of information for those tackling the challenge of pre-diabetes. Co-authored by Martha Snider, M.D., Dodging Diabetes Deliciously includes several appendices, carefully researched, that address issues such as the role of weight loss, timing of meals and the use of artificial sweeteners. Dodging Diabetes Deliciously will guide and inspire all those seeking to avoid the ravages of diabetes and wanting to take creative and constructive control of their health.

  • Big Book of Sandwiches af Various
    af Various

    Big Kitchen Series is proud to bring you The Big Book of Sandwiches. This full edition is all you will ever need for your favourite sandwich recipes. Including the most loved set-ups as well as some more unusual ideas, you can be sure that you will never be stuck for a sandwich to knock up ever again! It is packed with great ideas and variety. Be sure to check out other new titles from the Big Kitchen Series releasing throughout 2014.

  • Art of Plant-Based Cheesemaking af Karen McAthy Spar 21%
    - How to Craft Real, Cultured, Non-Dairy Cheese
    af Karen McAthy

    Make your own real, non-dairy cheese at home - traditional methods for making plant-based cheese As plant-based, dairy-free diets continue to expand in popularity for health and ethical reasons, cheese often becomes the "e;last hurdle."e; Much of what passes for non-dairy "e;cheese"e; lacks the quality and depth of authentic, cultured cheese. Yet for aspiring DIY plant-based cheesemakers, much of the knowledge of this new craft is scattered in isolated kitchens, and there's no real reliable guidance to what works, what doesn't, and why, when making real, cultured plant-based cheese. This book aims to change all that and bring this new craft into the kitchens of the world. Written by a pioneering plant-based cheesemaker who draws deep from the well of experience, The Art of Plant-based Cheesemaking is a clear, highly practical guide that extends traditional cheesemaking methods into the realm of plant-based media as a substitute for dairy. Coverage includes: Understanding culturing and fermentation Essential ingredients and equipment for crafting plant-based cheese Plant and nut-based media and how to make them How to create and train plant-based cultures Delicious recipes for quick cheeses Advanced recipes for cultured and aged cheeses Resources for sourcing equipment and cultures. Packed with step-by-step recipes, straightforward processes, and encouraging experimentation, this book makes plant-based cheesemaking accessible for beginners and serious foodies alike. Simply everything you need to make delicious non-dairy cheese right at home. Karen McAthy is Executive Chef of Zend Conscious Lounge and Chef and Founder of Blue Heron Creamery in Vancouver, BC, which creates and supplies authentic cultured plant-based cheeses to restaurants, retail outlets, and private customers.

  • Weight of Being af Kara Richardson Whitely
    - How I Satisfied My Hunger for Happiness
    af Kara Richardson Whitely

    A brutally honest story about being fat in America--and one woman's experience with radical weight loss after a lifetime of fat shamingKara Richardson Whitely thought she could do anything. After all, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro-three times! But now she's off the mountain and back home again, and there's one thing she just can't manage to do: lose weight. In many ways, Kara is living the life of everywoman, except that she's not everywoman because she weighs 300 pounds and is tormented by binge eating disorder. Her weight is a constant source of conflict and shame, as the people from every corner of her life, from her coworkers to the neighbors down the street, judge Kara for the size of her body. When it becomes just too much to tolerate, Kara turns to therapy and weight-loss surgery, a choice that transforms her body-and her life.Kara's story is one of living as a fat woman in America, where fat prejudice is rampant despite our nation's pandemic of obesity. In this fresh, raw memoir, Kara reveals this epic contradiction, and offers a revealing comparison of life before and after radical weight loss.

  • Quand la nourriture guerit af Maria Soares
    af Maria Soares

    Voudriez-vous pouvoir eliminer les maladiesd, les sensations de malaise, les inflammations, la douleur et la depression? Depuis toujours les techniques de guerison naturelles sont utilisees pour soigner de nombreuses affections!L'utilisation de techniques de gurison naturelle est aussi utile concernant les maladies chroniques, les tats inflammatoires, le systme immunitaire, le niveau d'nergie, de concentration, le bonheur et beaucoup d'autres choses!Aprs avoir introduit dans votre vie les secrets de la mdecine naturelle, vous vous sentirez plus en forme que jamais!Cet ouvrage dont l'efficacit est dmontre depuis de trs nombreuses annes va vous montrer quelle est la faon la plus rapide et la plus efficace de vous servir de la mdecine naturelle pour faire mieux fonctionner votre thyroide et amliorer votre bien-etre! En quelques semaines seulement, vous allez apprendre amliorer votre bien-etre. Et ce n'est pas tout, toute votre vie va en bnficier.Vous voudriez savoir comment affronter des maladies chroniques et des affections? Vous pouvez vous aussi apprendre des secrets qui vous permettront de le faire et d'etre plus heureux et en meilleure sant.Ce guide va vous illustrer des techniques scientifiquement prouves sans que vous ayez besoin d'avoir recours des supplments ou des cours couteux.Qu'est-ce qu'il comprend:- Des remdes- Se dbarrasser des maladies chroniques- Avoir plus d'nergie- Mieux dormir- Se dbarrasser des affections- Nutrition- Ce que vous devriez savoir- Beaucoup plus encore!Si vous voulez mieux vous porter, vous dbarrasser des maladies, avoir une meilleure concentration & bien-etre, alors ce guide est pour vous.Retournez en haut de la page et cliques pour l'ajouter immdiatement votre panier.AvertissementL'auteur et les dtenteur

  • Hacer dieta como un guru af Dr. Rosie Kuhn
    af Dr. Rosie Kuhn

    Cierto, los gurus no hacen dieta. Ellos no usan sustancias que cubran o adormezcan sus sufrimientos emocionales ni temores. Se fortalecen al observar sus emociones, pensamientos y sensaciones corporales de manera mas profunda. Con sus mentes, descubren viejos esquemas de pensamientos y creencias que ya no tienen sentido, salvo dentro de la desconocida boveda de las heridas.Nosotros no somos diferentes a cualquier otro gur que yo conozca. Tienes las mismas habilidades para elegir segn tus propias creencias y valores. Y todos los gurs empezaron igual que t - dudosos, temerosos y renuentes al cambio. Ellos, como t, decidieron que haba algo ms importante que adormecer, evitar, y distraer sus mentes de sus reales esencias y de las vidas que les fueron entregadas. Ellos, como t, caminaron un paso a la vez, poniendo atencin en lo que los llev a tomar caminos de fracaso tantas veces. Vas a encontrar, al igual que esos gurs, que todos los momentos revelan tu ms profunda valenta, conviccin, fuerza y amor; ellos solo tuvieron que verlo y no huir de eso. Yo, como t, como todos los gurs que conozco, puedo, y podr elegir inevitablemente el amor. Slo falta saber el "e;cundo"e;.

  • Faca Dieta Como Um Guru af Dra. Rosie Kuhn
    af Dra. Rosie Kuhn

    Voce e eu nao somos diferentes de nenhum guru que eu conheca. Voce possui as mesmas capacidades de escolher a servico de suas verdades superiores e valores. E todo guru comecou onde voce esta agora - com duvidas, medos e resistencia. Eles, como voce, decidiram que ha algo mais importante do que entorpecer, evitar, e distrair suas mentes de si mesmos, e das vidas que lhes foram concedidas. Eles, como voce, tomaram um passo que implemente algo de cada vez, analisando o que causou que escolhessem praticas ineficaveis repetidas vezes. Voce descobrira, como os gurus descobriram, que cada momento revela a verdade da coragem interior, conviccao, forca, e amor; eles decidiram que precisavam observar isto e nao se recusar a ver. Eu, como voce, como todo guru que conheco, pode, e ira, inevitavelmente escolher o amor. E apenas uma questao de tempo.Este livro, Faa Dieta Como Um Guru, fornece perspectivas, histrias, e ideias que o habilitaro a pensar de um modo diferente sobre algo que pode no ter pensado de forma alguma. O encorajar a questionar aqueles princpios e valores aos quais defendeu durante toda a sua vida, em apoio ao seu livre arbtrio, sobre alimentos, bebidas, e qualquer outras substncias que parecem lhe confortar e nutrir.

  • Cirugia Para Perder Peso af Michelle Border
    af Michelle Border

    Ha estado pensando en someterse a una cirugia para perder peso, pero no esta seguro? Tiene muchas preguntas, pero simplemente no sabe donde obtener respuestas? En el nuevo libro, Cirugia Para Perder Peso: Antes y Despues, Todo Lo Que Necesita Saber, finalmente recibira respuestas a todas sus preguntas sin tener que acudir a una costosa consulta con un medico.En este libro encontrarLo que sucede durante la ciruga para perder peso.-Quin es el candidato ideal para esta ciruga.-Tipos de ciruga para perder peso.-Preparacin para la ciruga.-Qu esperar despus de su ciruga.Y mucho ms!Ciruga Para Perder Peso: Antes y Despus es la gua definitiva para guiarlea travs delconfusomundo de las cirugas baritricas.

  • DIABETES : La Guia esencial para terminar con la Diabetes, perder peso, y vivir un estilo de vida mas saludable af Adidas Wilson
    af Adidas Wilson

    En este libro encontraremos los elementos basicos para comprender que es la diabetes, como se origina, que es lo que esta mal dentro de nuestro cuerpo, cuales son las opciones que tenemos para abordar los sintomas y la enfermedad en si; El autor comparte con nosotros los mejores consejos posibles para analizar esta enfermedad que esta devastando a los pacientes con diabetes. El cuidado y la atencion a los pacientes es primordial y cuidarse a si mismos es una prioridad. Una buena dieta equilibrada y ejercicio continuo es un factor para controlar la enfermedad.

  • 10 Best Nutritional Supplements af Evelyne Laye
    af Evelyne Laye

    What if you could easily get rid of yourl ailments? Nowadays, most people suffer from a significant lack of nutrients. But you can fix this! Vitamin D, magnesium, OPC, MSM and other nutritional supplements boost your metabolism; protect the heart, blood vessels and immune system; reduce the risk of cancer; melt pounds; eliminate fatigue and depression; and make you fit and alert. In this book, the most important nutritional supplements for your body are described in detail, along with deficiency symptoms, applications and testimonials. This book with give you advice on buying and dosing, and will enable you to start taking care of your health right away.

  • Alimentos para Reducir el Colesterol af Owen Jones
    af Owen Jones

    Alimentos para Reducir el ColesterolCmo Usar los Alimentos para Reducir el ColesterolHola y gracias por comprar mi libro electrnico llamado 'Alimentos Para Reducir el Colesterol'.Espero que encuentre aqu informacin til, prctica y posiblemente rentable en el futuro.La informacin en este libro electrnico sobre el colesterol y temas relacionados se organiza en 17 captulos de aproximadamente 500 a 600 palabras cada uno.Este es un manual integral de autoayuda y de cmo hacer, sobre 'Alimentos para reducir el colesterol'.El nivel elevado de colesterol es una de las causas ms prolficas de insalubridad en el mundo en este momento, y este manual debe tomarse como una idea de la posibilidad de corregir el problema a travs de la dieta. Alimentos para el pensamiento, se podra decir :-)Le ayudar a establecer y controlar sus niveles de colesterol, e incluso puede ayudarlo a mantenerse alejado de los medicamentos.Como un bono adicional, le concedo permiso para usar el contenido en su propio sitio web o en sus propios blogs y boletines, aunque es mejor si los vuelve a escribir con sus propias palabras.Tambin puede dividir el libro y revender los artculos. De hecho, el nico derecho que no tiene es revender o regalar el libro tal como se le entreg.

  • Veganes Intervallfasten af Katie Maria
    af Katie Maria

    Lebst du vegan und bist daran interessiert, mit dem Intervallfasten anzufangen? Weit du nicht so recht, wo du anfangen sollst?Fasten gibt es schon seit vielen Jahrhunderten und die vegane Bewegung immerhin schon seit einigen Jahrzehnten, aber das Intervallfasten (auch Intermittierendes Fasten"e; genannt) ist ein noch relativ neues Phnomen. Dennoch hat diese Ernhrungsweise bereits die Aufmerksamkeit von Experten und Prominenten gleichermaen gewonnen: Intervallfasten ist der neueste Gesundheitstrend unserer heutigen Gesellschaft. Obwohl die Grundprinzipien dieser neuen Ernhrungsweise offensichtlich vielen der bisherigen Auffassungen darber widersprechen, wie oft und zu welchen Zeiten wir essen sollten, sind die erzielten Erfolge absolut erstaunlich. Als diese Testimonials in Form von Geschichten ber enorme Gewichtsverluste und andere Diterfolge im Internet auftauchten, schoss die Popularitt des Intervallfastens pltzlich in die Hhe, sowohl in der Fitness-Community als auch darber hinaus. In diesem kurzen Buch werde ich dir erklren, wie Intervallfasten funktioniert und einen Blick auf die Vor- und Nachteile dieses Lebensstils werfen, sowohl im Allgemeinen als auch speziell in Bezug auf die vegane Lebensweise. Dann gebe ich dir noch einige Tipps und Tricks dafr, wie du am besten anfngst, und zum Schluss widerlege ich noch einige der hufigsten Mythen zu diesem Thema.

  • Culinaria para Dietas Especiais af Nancy Ross
    af Nancy Ross

    Quer aprender mais de 100 receitas para dietas especiais com instrucoes passo a passo? Descubra deliciosas receitas para a dieta cetogenica, mediterranea e alcalina, tudo em so um livro!Algumas das receitas que voc vai encontrar:Barrinhas de caf da manh pizza, muffins, salada tailandesa, frango mexicano, salada de tomate, macarro de frutos do mar, polenta com vegetais, mexilhes ao molho de vinho, o melhor bife do mundo, salada de quinoa, bolinhos inegrais, musse de chocolate, cozido de tofu e muitas outras!Mantenha-se na dieta com mais facilidade, aprendedo pratos deliciosos e saudveis!

  • La dieta del guru af Rosie Kuhn
    af Rosie Kuhn

    Cio che metti nel tuo cuore, non nella panciaNo, i guru non seguono diete. Non usano sostanze per camuffarsi o difendersi dalle sofferenze e dalle paure. Invece, si mettono nella condizione di guardare consapevolmente le loro emozioni, i pensieri e le sensazioni fisiche. Con presenza e prontezza di spirito, essi mettono allo scoperto vecchi schemi di pensiero ormai privi di significato, se non nei meandri poco esplorati dell'inconscio.Noi non siamo diversi dai guru. Abbiamo la stessa libert di scegliere in virt dei nostri pi alti ideali e valori. Ogni guru ha cominciato esattamente dove ti trovi tu ora, nel dubbio, nella paura e nella resistenza. Loro, come te, hanno deciso che esiste qualcosa di pi importante che l'intorpidirsi, l'evitare o il distrarre la loro mente dal loro vero s e dalle vite che hanno scelto. Loro, come te, hanno fatto un piccolo passo alla volta, esaminando le cause che hanno portato alla scelta di schemi comportamentali ripetitivi e fallimentari. Scoprirai, come loro, che ogni singolo momento una rivelazione di verit, coraggio, convinzione, potere e amore; hanno solo dovuto osservare, senza cercare di scappare. Anche io, come te e come i guru, posso e voglio scegliere l'amore inevitabilmente. solo una questione di tempo.Questo libro, La dieta del guru, offre prospettive, storie e idee che ti mettono nella condizione di pensare diversamente o semplicemente di pensare a ci a cui non avevi mai pensato di pensare. Ti incoraggia a indagare sui principi e i valori su cui hai da sempre fondato il tuo processo di scelta in termini di cibo, bevande e altre sostanze che offrono, o sembrano offrire, conforto e nutrimento.

  • Ayuno Intermitente Vegano af Katie Maria
    af Katie Maria

    Eres un vegano que busca comenzar un estilo de vida de ayuno intermitente? Estas un poco confundido sobre por donde empezar?El ayuno ha existido durante siglos y el veganismo ha existido durante dcadas, pero el ayuno intermitente solo se ha abierto camino en el mundo recientemente. A pesar de ser relativamente nuevo, este tipo de ayuno ya ha llamado la atencin de expertos y celebridades por igual, por lo que es la ltima moda de salud en la sociedad actual.Si bien los principios fundamentales de esta nueva dieta parecen contradecir muchas de las creencias anteriores sobre la hora de comer y la frecuencia de las comidas, los resultados que las personas han visto son asombrosos. Una vez que estos testimonios llegaron a Internet en forma de historias de xito en la prdida de peso y otros resultados de la dieta, la popularidad del ayuno intermitente se dispar tanto en la comunidad de fitness como fuera de ella.Este breve libro explicar cmo funciona el ayuno intermitente y analizar las ventajas y desventajas del estilo de vida, tanto de manera independiente como en relacin con el veganismo. Luego, compartir algunos consejos y trucos para comenzar y acabar con algunos de los mitos ms comunes que rodean el tema.

  • Cura Atraves dos Alimentos af Maria Soares
    af Maria Soares

    Voce gostaria de poder eliminar doencas, disconforto, inflamacao, dor e depressao? Ha seculos, tecnicas naturais sao utilizadas para o tratamento de diversas enfermidades.A utilizao de tcnicas naturais ajudar a combater doenas crnicas, inflamao e melhorar seu sistema imunolgico, nvel de energia, foco, bem-estar e muito mais!Este livro apresenta os segredos que os terapeutas de curas naturais utilizam para ter mais sade do que nunca!Com dcadas de prtica, este e-livro lhe mostrar a maneira mais rpida e eficaz de usar mtodos naturais para melhorar a sua sade. Voc aprender como elevar o seu bem-estar em poucas semanas esentir a diferena em todos os aspectos da sua vida.Voc gostaria de saber como as pessoas lidam com doenas e enfermidades crnicas? Este e-livro lhe ajudar a ter mais sade e boa disposio e lhe ensinar tcnicas comprovadas sem necessidade de cursos ou de suplementos alimentares onerosos.Incluindo:- Remdios naturais- Como livrar-se de de doenas crnicas- Como ter mais energia- Como superar enfermidades- Conselhos de nutrio- e MUITO MAIS!Se voc deseja ter mais sade, curar enfermidades, melhorar o seu foco e bem-estar, este guia foi feito para voc.

  • Curacion De La Tiroides af Jahn Novak
    af Jahn Novak

    Curacion De La Tiroides: Como Curar El Hipertiroidismo, Enfermedad de Hashimoto, de Graves, Insomnio, Nodulos, Y El Virus de Epstein BarrTe gustara poder ayudara eliminar el hipertiroidismo, la enfermedad de Hashimoto, de Graves, el insomnio, malestar, inflamacin, dolor y la depresin? Durante mucho tiempo, se han usado tcnicas de curacin natural para tratar los problemasde latiroides y otras enfermedades!Usar tcnicas de curacin natural tambin ayudar con enfermedades crnicas, inflamacin, el sistema inmunolgico, niveles de energa, concentracin, felicidad y mucho ms!Presentamos los secretos que los profesionales de la curacin natural utilizan para sentirse ms sanos que nunca!Con dcadas de estrategias probadas, este libro electrnico le mostrar la forma ms rpida y efectiva de usar la curacin natural de su tiroides para beneficiar su bienestar! Aprender cmo mejorarsu bienestar en tan solo unas pocas semanas. No solo eso, sino que tambin mejorars literalmente cada aspecto de tu vida.Quieres saber cmo se enfrentan las personas a enfermedades crnicas y dolencias? Usted tambin puede aprender los secretos para lograrlo, lo que le permitiraser ms feliz y saludable.Esta gua le ensea tcnicas probadas sin el uso de suplementos o cursos caros.Qu est incluido:- Remedios. - Vencerel hipertiroidismo. - Vencer la enfermedad de Hashimoto. - Vencer la enfermedad deGraves. - Ten ms energa. - Duerme mejor. - Superadolencias. - Nutricin. - Lo que deberas saber. + MUCHO MAS!Si desea estar ms saludable, curar enfermedades o mejorar la concentraciny el bienestar, esta gua es para usted.-> Desplcese hasta la parte superior de la pgina y haga clic en Agregar al carrito para comprar al instante <-Renuncia de responsabilidad:Este autor y/o el(los) propietario(

  • La Cura Della Tiroide af Jahn Novak
    af Jahn Novak

    Ti piacerebbe poter eliminare ipertiroidismo, tiroidite di Hashimoto, malattia di Basedow-Graves, insonnia, disagio, infiammazione, dolore e depressione? Per molto tempo i rimedi naturali sono stati usati per curare i problemi alla tiroide e molto altro!Usare rimedi naturali potr esserti utile anche con malattie croniche, infiammazioni, livelli di energia, concentrazione, sistema immunitario, benessere in generale e molto altro!Impara i segreti dei rimedi naturali che gli esperti usano per farti sentire pi sano che mai!Con decenni di strategie provate, questo ebook ti mostrer il rimedio pi veloce ed efficiente per curare in modo naturale la tua tiroide e per aiutarti a stare meglio! Imparerai a migliorare la tua salute in poche settimane. Non solo, ma migliorerai tutti gli aspetti della tua vita.Vuoi sapere come alcune persone combattono malattie croniche e malanni? Anche tu puoi impararne i segreti per migliorare la tua felicit e la tua salute.Questa guida ti insegner rimedi provati, senza l'uso di integrazioni o corsi costosi.Contenuti:- Rimedi.- Come combattere l'ipertiroidismo.- Come combattere la tiroidite di Hashimoto.- Come combattere la malattia di Basedow-Graves.- Come avere pi energie.- Come dormire meglio.- Come combattere i malanni.- Come migliorare la tua dieta.- Cosa dovresti sapere.+ E MOLTO ALTRO!Se vuoi migliorare la tua salute, curare i tuoi malanni, o aumentare la tua concentrazione, allora questa guida fatta apposta per te.Avvertenza:L'autore e/o i proprietari(o) dei diritti non rivendica, n promette, n garantisce l'accuratezza, la completezza, o l'adeguatezza dei contenuti di questo libro e si dichiara espressamente non responsabile per errori ed omissioni nei contenuti. Il presente testo dovrebbe essere usato solo come materiale di riferimento. Consult

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