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Kristendom og biblen

  • Oldest Legend af Ildiko Csepregi Spar 16%
    af Ildiko Csepregi, Gabor Klaniczay & Bence Peterfi

    This bilingual volume (Latin text with English translation) is the second in the series presenting hagiographical narratives from medieval Central Europe. It contains the most important hagiographical corpus of medieval Hungarian history: that of Saint Margaret (1242-1270), daughter of King Bela IV, who lived her life as a Dominican nun. Margaret's cult started immediately after her death and the demand to examine her sanctity was first formulated in 1272. The canonization process recommenced in 1276, followed by further initiatives across the centuries. Margaret was eventually canonized only in 1943. Besides the full Latin text and the English translation of her oldest legend, written between 1272 and 1275, the acts of the 110 testimonies of the papal investigation concerning her sainthood, recorded between July and October 1276 are presented, prepared on the basis of existing source editions. Furthermore, the volume contains a series of recently discovered documents, including a petition by the bishop of Varad (Oradea) to promote the cause, and the notarial records of a set of miracles that occurred at the grave of Margaret in the second half of the fifteenth century. The book is complete with select bibliography and hagiography of Saint Margaret of Hungary.

  • Pressed by a Double Loyalty af Andras Fejerdy Spar 15%
    af Andras Fejerdy

    The Second Vatican Council is the single most influential event in the twentieth-century history of the Catholic Church. The book analyzes the relationship between the Council and the "e;Ostpolitik"e; of the Vatican through the history of the Hungarian presence at Vatican II. Pope John XXIII, elected in 1958, was a catalyst. He thought that his most urgent task was to renew contacts with the Church behind the iron curtain. Hungary, too, did not consider Vatican II primarily an ecclesiastical event. It was considered a component of the negotiations between the Holy See and the Kadar regime: Hungarian participation at the Council was made possible by the new pragmatic attitude in Hungarian church politics. After the crushing of the 1956 Revolution, churches in Hungary thought that the regime would last and were willing to compromise. During the Council Hungary became the experimental laboratory of the Vatican's new eastern policy. Fejerdy tries to establish whether it was it a Vatican decision or a Soviet instruction.

  • Life Inside the Cloister af Coomans Thomas Coomans Spar 15%
    - Understanding Monastic Architecture: Tradition, Reformation, Adaptive Reuse
    af Coomans Thomas Coomans

    Sacredarchitecture as reality and metaphor in secularised Western societyChristian monasteries and convents, built throughout Europe for the best part of 1,500 years, are now at a crossroads. This study attempts to understand the sacred architecture of monasteries as a process of the tangible and symbolic organisation of space and time for religious communities. Despite the weight of seemingly immutable monastic tradition, architecture has contributed to developing specific religious identities and played a fundamental part in the reformation of different forms of religious life according to the changing needs of society. The cloister is the focal point of this book because it is both architecture, a physically built reality, and a metaphor for the religious life that takes place within it. Life Inside the Cloister also addresses the afterlife and heritagisation of monastic architecture in secularised Western society.This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content)

  • Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire af Marianne Saghy Spar 15%
    af Marianne Saghy & Edward M Schoolman

    Do the terms 'pagan' and 'Christian,' 'transition from paganism to Christianity' still hold as explanatory devices to apply to the political, religious and cultural transformation experienced Empire-wise? Revisiting 'pagans' and 'Christians' in Late Antiquity has been a fertile site of scholarship in recent years: the paradigm shift in the interpretation of the relations between 'pagans' and 'Christians' replaced the old 'conflict model' with a subtler, complex approach and triggered the upsurge of new explanatory models such as multiculturalism, cohabitation, cooperation, identity, or group cohesion. This collection of essays, inscribes itself into the revisionist discussion of pagan-Christian relations over a broad territory and time-span, the Roman Empire from the fourth to the eighth century. A set of papers argues that if 'paganism' had never been fully extirpated or denied by the multiethnic educated elite that managed the Roman Empire, 'Christianity' came to be presented by the same elite as providing a way for a wider group of people to combine true philosophy and right religion. The speed with which this happened is just as remarkable as the long persistence of paganism after the sea-change of the fourth century that made Christianity the official religion of the State. For a long time afterwards, 'pagans' and 'Christians' lived 'in between' polytheistic and monotheist traditions and disputed Classical and non-Classical legacies.

  • Negotiating Marian Apparitions af Agnieszka Halemba Spar 15%
    af Agnieszka Halemba

    This book concerns the politics of religion as expressed through apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Dzhublyk in Transcarpathian Ukraine. The analysis provides insights into the present position of Transcarpathia in regional, Ukrainewide, and European struggles for identity and political belonging. The way in which the apparitions site has been conceived and managed raises questions concerning the fate of religious communities during and after socialism, the significance of national projects for religious organizations, and the politics of religious management in a situation in which local religious commitments are relatively strong and religious organizations are relatively weak. The analysis contributes to the ethnography and history of this particular region and of the post-socialist world in general. The changing status of the apparition site over the years allows investigation of the questions concerning authority, legitimacy, and power in religious organizations, especially in relation to management of religious experiences.

  • Paradies Wiedergewonnen af John Milton Spar 15%
    - Paradise Regained, German edition
    af John Milton

    Durch alle Versuchung, und der Versucher vereitelt In all seinen List, besiegt und abgestoen, Und Eden in der Wuste aufgewachsen.Du Geist, der diesen herrlichen Eremiten gefuhrt hat In die Wuste, sein siegreiches Feld Gegen den geistigen Feind, und brachte ihn von daher Durch Beweise der unzweifelhafte Sohn Gottes, inspiriere, Wie du es gewohnt bist, mein aufgefordertes Lied, sonst stumm,

  • betegek meggyogyulnak af T. L. Osborn
    af T. L. Osborn

    "e;Egyszer beszelgettem egy holggyel, aki nem egeszen ertette, mi fan terem a hit, es igy panaszkodott:-Valahogy ugy tunik, hogy nemigen sikerul hitre jutnom a gyogyulassal kapcsolatban!Erre en azt kerdeztem tole:-Megbizik Istenben, hogy O mindig betartja az igereteit?-Igen, termeszetesen - erositette meg.-Nos, hat ez a hit - biztositottam. Majd hozzatettem:-Hat nem egyszeru?A holgy pedig meggyogyult."e;

  • Ertekes vagy af Joel Osteen
    - Szavak, melyek megvaltoztatjak eletunket
    af Joel Osteen

    Megvaltoztathatja-e nehany szo az egesz eletunket? Meg, bizony! A New York Times bestseller szerzoje, Joel Osteen uj konyveben olyan alapelveket oszt meg olvasoival, amelyek egyetlen igazsagon alapulnak: amit magunkrol allitunk, az mindig kovetni fog bennunket. Osteen eleslato es batorito szavait olyan emberek tortenetei tamasztjak ala, akiknek az elete teljes fordulatot vett, miutan ennek az alapelvnek a figyelembe vetelevel megvaltoztattak a magukrol kimondott beszeduket. Az Ertekes vagy cimu konyv segitsegevel az olvasok leszokhatnak az onkritizalasrol, es felfedezhetik a bennuk rejlo erot, tehetseget es kulonleges adottsagaikat, amelyeknek segitsegevel onbizalmat tanulhatnak. Mindenki elott ott all a lehetoseg, hogy az elete magasabb szintekre emelkedjen es a szavai teremto erejenek eredmenyekent megtapasztalja Isten josagat az eleteben.

  • Torj ki! af Joel Osteen
    - Ot kulcs a sikeres es rendkivuli elethez
    af Joel Osteen

    Joel Osteen, aki tobb nagysikeru konyv szerzoje, a Torj ki! cimu eroteljes, inspirativ es hitet epito irasaban gyakorlati tanacsokat ad arra batoritja olvasoit, hogy az akadalyokon attoro eletet eljenek. Ez a konyv segitseget kivan nyujtani az olvasoknak abban, hogy mikent torjenek ki korlataik kozul es nyerjek meg a szabadsagot. Tovabba hasznos tanacsokat oszt meg azzal kapcsolatban, hogy hogyan lehetseges nagyobb aldasokban hinni, felebreszteni magunkban az alkotokedvet, javitani a kapcsolatokat, valamint valora valtani az almokat.

  • Apocalyptic Complex af Matthias Riedl Spar 16%
    af Matthias Riedl, David Marno & Nadia Al-Bagdadi

    The essays included in this volume explore the everyday relevance of the apocalyptic in contemporary society, culture, and politics, side by side with the various histories of apocalyptic ideas and movements. In particular, they seek to better understand the ways in which perceptions of the apocalyptic diverge in the American, European, and Arab worlds. Including leading experts of the field like David Cook, Michael Gillespie, Moshe Idel, Richard Landes, or Charles Strozier, our authors re-evaluate some of the traditional views on apocalypticism and the apocalyptic in light of recent political and cultural events, and, additionally, go beyond empirical facts to reconsider the potential of the apocalyptic. It is this last point-the apocalyptic in its very capability of transfiguration-that is posited as the focal point of our book.

  • Carl Hugo and Mary Gutsche and the &quote;German&quote; Baptists of the Eastern Cape af H. Haus
    af H. Haus

    In 1859 the British "e;imported"e; 445 German settler families to strengthen the colonial borders in British Kaffraria (now Eastern Cape) in South Africa. Three of these settler families were Baptists, they evangelized their fellow Germans and anyone else they met. In 1867 Johann Gerhard Oncken of Hamburg, the founder of the Baptist Churches in Continental Europe, sent Hugo Gutsche to take care of the new Baptist community there and evangelize the native population. The author of this book, Fritz Haus, the last of Gutsche's German successors, wrote his PhD on the life and work of Hugo Gutsche, graduating from the University of Stellenbosch at the age of 80. Haus describes his ministry to White and Black over half a century and he does not forget Mrs Mary Gutsche, whom her husband called his "e;co-pastor."e;

  • Jesus - The Man for others af Rodney Schofleld
    af Rodney Schofleld

    Jesus - the Man for others"e; is a contemporary expression of the Gospel message, with many references about how it was appropriated over the centuries, and as illustrated in art. The author, a Catholic priest who holds a doctorate from the University of Wales, taught for some years in African seminaries and has published several books including Malawi Mailings and Issues of War.

  • Issues of War af Rodney Schofield
    af Rodney Schofield

    Whereas Victorian optimists imagined that armed conflict would gradually disappear as the world continued to head for universal peace and prosperity, the 20th century wiped out any such illusions. These reflections mark the centenary of WW1, whose true horrors gradually unfolded despite official attempts at censorship. "e;The pity of war"e; is first examined through the eyes of artists and poets, before turning to an overview of how thinking about the conduct and morality of war developed down the centuries. Are there still lessons to be learnt? - read on in the final chapter.

  • Voices of Preachers in Protest af Chaphadzika Chakanza
    - The Ministry of Two Malawian Prophets: Elliot Kamwana and Wilfred Gudu
    af Chaphadzika Chakanza

    Ever since the modern state of Malawi came into existence more than a hundred years ago, religion has played its role in the history of the country, and has interacted with politics and society in many ways, such as with the early Blantyre Mission, the Chilembwe Rising, and the struggle against the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyassaland. This book presents two preachers, Elliot Kamwana and Wilfred Gudu, who, in their different ways and at different times, challenged British colonial power which ruled over Malawi at that time.

  • Religious Geography of Mzuzu City in Northern Malawi af Zeenah Sibande Spar 10%
    af Zeenah Sibande

    If Malawi calls itself a God-fearing nation, then Mzuzu should be a God-fearing city. This survey of religious geography describes major aspects of the religious reality in Mzuzu. Quantitative methods were used in order to create a full picture of the distribution of religious centres as in 2013.

  • Doing Theology at the Grassroots af A. Kalilombe
    - Theological Essays from Malawi
    af A. Kalilombe

    Patrick Kalilombe has been distinguished for more than twenty-five years as a pioneering theologian and ecclesiologist. Circumstances have determined that much of his best work has been produced and published outside Malawi and through such diversity of outlets that it is very difficult for students and others to have access to his work as a whole. Hence we are convinced that his collection of his essays will have a very wide appeal, both in Malawi and beyond. The chapters are quite varied in their origins and subjects but the reader will not take long to notice recurrent themes: the author's missionary vocation, the critical role of the "e;grassroots"e; in theological construction, the integrity of Chewa traditional beliefs, the combination of Catholic commitment with radical openness to all religious and cultural traditions. Throughout the book is a series of photographs which lead progressively through the events of Bishop Kalilombe's 25th Jubilee celebration at Mua in 1997.

  • Interdenominational Faith Missions in Africa af Klaus Fiedler Spar 22%
    - History and Ecclesiology
    af Klaus Fiedler

    It was not the European and American churches which evangelised Africa, but the mission societies. The missions from the Great Awakening such as the London Missionary Society and Church Missionary Society, or the Holy Ghost Fathers and the White Fathers, which started the process of Sub-Saharan Africa becoming a Christian continent are well known and documented. Less known, and less documented are the interdenominational faith missions which began in 1873 with the aim of visiting the still unreached areas of Africa: North Africa, the Sudan Belt and the Congo Basin. Missions such as the Africa Inland Mission or Sudan Interior Mission gave birth to some of the big churches like ECWA in Nigeria and Africa Inland Church in Kenya. It is the aim of this book to describe faith missions and their theology and to present an overview of the early development of faith missions insofar as they touched Africa.

  • Blantyre Spiritual Awakening and its Music af Brighton Kawamba
    af Brighton Kawamba

    In Christian history spiritual awakenings are a recurring and important phenomenon. The Blantyre Spiritual Awakening was characterized by an overt evangelistic fervour among bands of people that belonged to an ever growing Born Again Movement in the city, from 1974 into the 1980s. This history covers The Blantyre Awakening which revived Evangelical Christianity in Malawi and prepared the way for the emerging Charismatic Movement.

  • Blantyre Mission and the Making of Modern Malawi af C. Ross
    af C. Ross

    When a thousand leading members of the Nyasaland African Congress were detained under the emergency regulations imposed by the Federation government in 1959, the Presbyterian chaplains who ministered to them at Kanchedza Camp in Limbe were the late Rev Jonathan Sangaya and Rev Andrew C. Ross. They soon discovered that around 700 of the thousand men were members of the Church of Central African Presbyterian. This raised a question in the mind of the recently arrived Scottish missionary: how may we account historically for the fact that so many national leaders were Presbyterians? The quest to answer that question led him to produce the thorough examination of the foundation and early history of the Blantyre Mission of the Church of Scotland which is found in this book. Written in the mid-1960s, it remains today an indispensable work of reference for understanding the history of both church and nation in Malawi.

  • Lunjika SDA Mission in Northern Malawi 1932 - 1995 af Macleard Banda Spar 21%
    af Macleard Banda

    The missionary work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church started in Southern Malawi in 1902, and histories of churches are usually told from that starting point. This book uses a different approach, it tells the story of Lunjika Mission (earlier called Mombera Mission) which begins in 1932, showing how the SDA Church met a new culture, that of the strongly patrilineal Ngoni and their neighbours to the North, and how it dealt with other churches that had started missionary work in that broad area up to two generations before.

  • Martin Luther - Die Biographie af Julius Kostlin
    af Julius Kostlin

    Fur die eBook-Ausgabe neu lektoriert, mit aktualisierter Rechtschreibung, zahlreichen verlinkten Funoten und eBook-Inhaltsverzeichnis || Kaum ein anderer einzelner Mensch hat die Geschichte Deutschlands und ganz Europas so sehr verandert wie Martin Luther (1483-1546). Unzufrieden und frustriert von der Katholischen Kirche seiner Zeit, rebellierte er dagegen und bekampfte das institutionalisierte Kirchentum, insbesondere den Ablasshandel, mit dem sich Glaubige durch Geld von ihren Sunden freikaufen konnten - und das, ohne jegliche Reue an den Tag zu legen. Trotz enormer Widerstande konnte sich die neue Stromung des Christentums in vielen deutschen Furstentumern und Stadten durchsetzten, was in den Augsburger Religionsfrieden von 1555 mundete, in dem sich beide Religionen tolerierten. - Dass nichtsdestoweniger rund 80 Jahre nach Luthers Tod ganz Europa in einen dreiigjahrigen Glaubenskrieg sturzte, war weniger religios und ideologisch motiviert, sondern es war das Ergebnis politischer Machtkampfe, Gebiets- und Herrschaftsanspruche, unter denen die Religion politisch instrumentalisiert wurde. || Die Luther-Biographie von Julius Kostlin ist ein auerst profundes Werk eines echten Kenners der Materie - und zudem in angenehm lesbarem Stil verfasst.

  • Religious Conversion: An African Perspective af Brendan Carmody
    af Brendan Carmody

    Religious Conversion: An African Perspective includes a selection of key texts which are not easily accessible elsewhere. Most of the chapters discuss the long-standing thesis of Robin Horton who argues that religious change results from social transformation. The contributors provide different perspectives on what remains an ongoing provocative, though inconclusive debate. The book has chapters on conversion in Africa from such authorities as Robin Horton, Humphrey Fisher, and Richard Gray. It also contains chapters on Zambia by Elizaebeth Colson, Brendan Carmody, Austin Cheyeka, Felix Phiri and W Van Binsbergen. This collection of chapters provides an introduction to the discussion surrounding the query: Did the Christian and Muslim messages bring something fundamentally new to the African religious horizon? What has indigenisation meant? What is the role of traditional religion?

  • El secreto af Ken Blanchard Spar 19%
    - Lo que saben y hacen los grandes lideres
    af Ken Blanchard

    En esta nueva edicion de su clsica fbula de negocios, Ken Blanchard y Mark Miller se convierten en el corazon de lo que hace que un lder sea exitoso. La joven ejecutiva Debbie Brewster, recientemente promovida pero luchadora, le pregunta a su mentor la nica pregunta que necesita desesperadamente: "e;Cul es el secreto de los grandes lderes?"e; Su respuesta - "e;los grandes lderes sirven"e; - la impresiona, pero con el tiempo revela las cinco formas fundamentales que los lderes tengan exito a traves del servicio. En el camino ella aprende: *; Por que los grandes lderes parecen estar preocupados por el futuro*; Como la gente en el equipo finalmente determina tu exito o fracaso*; Que tres arenas requieren una mejora continua*; Por que el verdadero exito en el liderazgo tiene dos componentes esenciales?*; Como fortalecer intencionalmente o inconscientemente la credibilidad del liderazgo La edicion del decimo aniversario incluye una autoevaluacion de liderazgo para que los lectores puedan medir hasta que punto lideran sirviendo y donde pueden mejorar. Los autores tambien han agregado respuestas a las preguntas ms frecuentes sobre como aplicar el modelo SERVE en el mundo real.Tan prctico como alentador, The Secret comparte la sabidura de Blanchard y Miller sobre el liderazgo en una forma que cualquiera puede comprender e implementar fcilmente. Este libro beneficiar no solo a aquellos que lo lean, sino tambien a las personas que buscan orientacion y las organizaciones a las que sirven.

  • Census af Panos Ioannides
    af Panos Ioannides

    A bold allegory of a contemporary nativity. The mountainous Cypriot village of Spilia, the Greek word for "e;cave"e;, provides the setting for the conception and "e;birth"e; of a bodiless, unseen Christ spreading as miraculous energy to liberate, heal and transform anyone it touches.Censusis both a heretic allegory of the nativity and a cathartic retort to the satanic messages of Roman Polanski's renowned horror filmRosemary's Baby.Boasting repeated editions in Greece and Cyprus, this award-winning novel by Panos Ioannides, replete with magical realism, is riveting in terms of conception and execution: a sacred metaphysical thriller that redeems and purifies the reader. A masterpiece in the art of fiction and the recipient of the CyprusNational Prize forLiterature, 1973.

  • Reconciliadores af Roberto Yenny Garcia
    af Roberto Yenny Garcia

    El autor nos entrega una serie de reflexiones especialmente utiles para sacerdotes, asi como para los que se preparan para serlo, que trata de como ser eficaces reconciliadores al administrar el sacramento. La caridad pastoral del sacerdote se expresa de manera contundente y privilegiada cuando ejerce este ministerio de la Reconciliacion, con el hombre que se ha extraviado y necesita integrarse de nuevo a la comunion plena con la iglesia.

  • Management und Theologie af Norbert Schuster
    af Norbert Schuster

    Unternehmen sind auf Dauer nur erfolgreich, wenn sie angemessen mit der Sinn- und Wertefrage umgehen. Dazu muss zunchst das Management (auch kirchlicher Einrichtungen) ber plausible Entscheidungs-Kriterien verfgen. Eine erfolgreiche Strategie braucht taugliche Tools und Verfahren fr eine nachhaltige Organisations- und Personalentwicklung, die eine strukturelle Verankerung von Religion (Sinn) und Moral (Werte) in der Organisation gewhrleisten. Wenn Religion und Moral organisational wie individuell realisiert werden, knnen kirchliche Unternehmen nicht nur wirtschaftlich erfolgreicher sein, sie werden zugleich auch ihrem kirchlichen Auftrag besser gerecht.

  • Gemeinsam besser af Jutta Teubert
    af Jutta Teubert

    Wie Familienidylle theoretisch geht, das wissen wir alle: quirlige Mittagessenstafeln mit Groeltern, Eltern, erwachsene Kinder mit ihren Kindern, Freunde, Nachbarn, Jung und Alt, naives Kindertoben, jugendlicher Optimismus und Elan, erwachsene Reife und greiser Erfahrungsschatz. Jeder hat seine eigenen Alltagssorgen, aber es gibt einen echten Dialog. Konflikte fuhren nicht zur Isolation, sondern bringen die Einzelnen weiter. Wie wir das praktisch leben konnen, das bleibt zu oft nur eine unerreichte Sehnsucht. Die Wirklichkeit sieht ja ganz anders aus: Familienstreit, Sprachlosigkeit, Unverstandnis und Vereinsamung. Das harmonische Miteinander taugt hochstens noch zum Kitsch. Und fur Werbeklips: Der heimelige Ikea-Katalog bringt uns bei, wie Eltern mit Kindern beim gemeinsamen Kochen ihre Beziehung starken konnen und wie das klappt mit den interkulturellen Patchwork-Freundeskreisen mit jungen Leuten und den neuen "e;jungen Alten"e;. Der einsame Edeka-Vater holt seine erwachsenen Kinder mit einer verkappten Todesanzeige endlich wieder heim an den groen Tisch. Das Video wurde millionenfach geklickt. Wir sind entlarvt: Das Bedurfnis nach echtem Verstehen, gelingendem Miteinander, gegenseitiger Unterstutzung und Wertschatzung sitzt tief. Die Autorin Jutta Teubert legt mit diesem Buch eine mutige Antwort vor: Die Jungen und die Alten sind gemeinsam besser - und gehen besser gemeinsam in die Zukunft. Sie veranschaulicht, warum Individualismus letztendlich nicht zufrieden macht und welches Potenzial in dieser Ur-Sehnsucht steckt, dass Menschen unterschiedlichen Alters wieder anfangen, harmonisch zusammen vorwrts zu gehen. 5-10 Projekte bzw. Familien stellen sich im Portrait vor und veranschaulichen authentisch die Hhen und Tiefen des Generationen-Lifestyles.

  • Man muss Gott mehr gehorchen als den Menschen. Ein Appell zum mutigen Bekenntnis af Ulrich Parzany
    af Ulrich Parzany

    An Gott glauben und ihm gehorsam sein - was bedeutet das heute konkret? Was lange selbstverstandlich als Wille Gottes galt und wenigstens in den christlichen Kirchen anerkannt wurde, wird von vielen heute als menschenfeindlich verurteilt. Kann man als Christ uberhaupt immer sicher wissen, was von Gott her geboten ist? Ulrich Parzany ist berzeugt: Das kann man! Die Bibel vermittelt uns die Leitlinien und alle Grundlagen dafr. Er erlutert, was Wahrheit und Freiheit bedeuten.

  • Vollende meinen Traum af Tracie Peterson
    af Tracie Peterson

    Den Morder ihres Vaters finden! Dieses Ziel hat sich Lacy Gallatin, die Jungste der Schwestern von Gallatin House, auf die Fahne geschrieben. Dave Shepard, Hilfssheriff der Region, sucht ebenfalls mit allen Mitteln nach dem Mann, der George Gallatin getotet hat. Doch wenn es um die schone Lacy geht, fuhlt er sich hilflos! Wenn sie zusammen sind, knistert es gewaltig - ob sie streiten oder sich kussen. Lacy findet ihn frustrierenderweise unwiderstehlich. Aber ist das nun wirklich die groe Liebe?

  • Die Wanderer ins Morgenrot af Alfons Limbrunner
    af Alfons Limbrunner

    Alfons Limbrunner ist seit vielen Jahren mit dem Wirken und Werk Karl Konigs verbunden. Anlasslich des 50. Todestages im Marz 2016 betrachtet der Autor das Lebensbild dieses vielseitigen und schopferischen Menschen aus zwolf unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln, die eine stimmige Gesamtkomposition ergeben.

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