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  • Lady Rode Bucking Horses af Dee Marvine
    - The Story of Fannie Sperry Steele, Woman of the West
    af Dee Marvine

    The Lady Rode Bucking Horses depicts an era of the American West when capturing renegade horses from the hills above the homestead served as training ground for extraordinary horsemanship. It documents the life of the outstanding girl who outrode them all at stampedes and roundups and the woman she became, her spirit undaunted throughout a life marked with courage and adventure, triumph and heartache.Born on a Montana homestead in 1887, at the age of two, Fannie Sperry declared I gonna catch me a white-face horsie. A remarkable woman who became a world champion, she raced thoroughbreds with a womens relay team known as the Montana Girls, twice won the title of Lady Bucking Horse Champion of the World, rode with Buffalo Bill Cody and other top western performers, became the first woman in the state of Montana to be granted an outfitters license, and was named a charter member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

  • Seasons on the Flats af Bill Horn
    - An Angler's Year in the Florida Keys
    af Bill Horn

    Migrations of fish, rise and fall of tides, and weather changes through the year in the Keys.

  • the Hoof Balancer af Jaime Jackson Spar 24%
    - A Unique Tool for Balancing Equine Hooves
    af Jaime Jackson

    The meaning of ';balanced hooves' in the hoof care world is rife with unsubstantiated opinions and methods that compromise the natural integrity of the hoof and the ability of the horse to move naturally. Few agree on toe length, heel length, relative heel position to frog . . . relative lengths of the medial and lateral heels, front heels versus hind heels . . . on and on. Moreover, this widespread technical disparity continues endlessly by breed, competition, gait, and even hoof color! The wild horse model is clear, however, that there shouldn't be this type of incongruity at all. Nature has demonstrated unequivocally what the relationships are between the toe, quarters, heels and other structures of the capsule. Balancing the hoof, therefore, should never be left to chance, even with the most deformed hooves. Indeed, the complexities of capsule wryness, slipper toe, bull-nose, club foot, and under trimmed heels require that we have a clear path to balancing the hoof whatever its unnatural orientation. The Hoof Balancer provides us with a quick, easy, accurate, and efficient way to balance the hoof based on the wild hoof model. It is recommended for use by all hoof care practitioners in the field, particularly when confronted with extreme capsule deformity.

  • Falling for Eli af Nancy Shulins
    - How I Lost Heart, Then Gained Hope Through the Love of a Singular Horse
    af Nancy Shulins

    Nancy Shulins had a great career, a loving husband, and was looking forward to having a family. Cheering as her friends got pregnant and dutifully bringing gaily wrapped gifts to every baby shower, she suffered bout after bout of unsuccessful infertility treatment. Devastated, she slowly heals through the most unexpected route: the love of a good (if cranky) horse named Eli.Everyone knows a woman who loves horses. Maybe she rides whenever she can find the time, maybe she rode as a young girl, or maybe she just devoured the Black Stallion books. Twenty years ago, Nancy Shulins let go of one dream--having a child--and worked toward another one: learning to ride and, eventually, having her own horse. In the process, she learned what it means to love another being so much you can't imagine life without them. Falling for Eli is about learning to break a sweat rather than break down, to try your best even if you'll never be the best; it's about learning to stand on your own six feet.

  • H is for Horse af T Lee Sizemore Spar 18%
    - An Easy Guide to Veterinary Care for Horses
    af T Lee Sizemore

    This is a book for the average horse owner. It describes the major diseases of horses and the vaccines available to protect them. I also covers dental care, breeding with mare and foal care, testing for horses- including stool exams and other tests and disorders affecting horess, a brief discussion on vices, nutrition, senior care and a horse exam.

  • Becoming Centaur af Monica Mattfeld
    - Eighteenth-Century Masculinity and English Horsemanship
    af Monica Mattfeld

    In this study of the relationship between men and their horses in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England, Monica Mattfeld explores the experience of horsemanship and how it defined one's gendered and political positions within society.Men of the period used horses to transform themselves, via the image of the centaur, into something othersomething powerful, awe-inspiring, and mythical. Focusing on the manuals, memoirs, satires, images, and ephemera produced by some of the period's most influential equestrians, Mattfeld examines how the concepts and practices of horse husbandry evolved in relation to social, cultural, and political life. She looks closely at the role of horses in the world of Thomas Hobbes and William Cavendish; the changes in human social behavior and horse handling ushered in by elite riding houses such as Angelo's Academy and Mr. Carter's; and the public perception of equestrian endeavors, from performances at places such as Astley's Amphitheatre to the satire of Henry William Bunbury. Throughout, Mattfeld shows how horses aided the performance of idealized masculinity among communities of riders, in turn influencing how men were perceived in regard to status, reputation, and gender.Drawing on human-animal studies, gender studies, and historical studies, Becoming Centaur offers a new account of masculinity that reaches beyond anthropocentrism to consider the role of animals in shaping man.

  • Art of Hackamore Training af Al Dunning
    - A Time-Honored Step In The Bridle-Horse Tradition
    af Al Dunning & Benny Guitron

    To understand the hackamore and its use is to understand its history, origin and development, as well as the equipment itself, including the bosal, mecate, fiador and such. From groundwork to key points under saddle, the authors provide drills to improve such skills as connecting the horses face to his feet, turnarounds, stops and fencing, as well as how to use these skills in handling cattle. A final chapter addresses the quarto riendas, or four-rein, which uses both snaffle and hackamore, and dos riendas, or two-rein, the finishing touch from hackamore to full bridle horse.

  • Off-Track and Online af Holly Kruse Spar 21%
    - The Networked Spaces of Horse Racing
    af Holly Kruse

    The horse racing industry has been a pioneer in interactive media, information networks, and their deployment. The race track and the off-track betting parlor offer interactive media environments that reconfigure the relationships among private and public space and presence and copresence. In this book, Holly Kruse explores how horse racing has used media over the last several decades, arguing that examining the history and context of horse racing and gambling gives us a clearer understanding of the development of data networks, media complexes, public entertainment, and media publics.Kruse describes an enormous industry that depends on global information and communication flows made possible by a network linking racetracks, homes, off-track betting, farms, and auction sites. Racetrack architecture now allows for the presence of screens, most showing races from other locations. Online betting sites enable bettors to wager from home. Off-track betting facilities collect wagers on races from all over the country. Odds are set interactively through the pari-mutuel market system. Kruse considers the uses of public space, and its redefinition by public screens; the effect of interactive media on the racing industry, including networked, in-home betting; the "technopanic" over online poker and the popularity of in-home pari-mutuel wagering; and the use of social media by racing fans to share information and creative work with no financial payoff.

  • Rescue of Belle and Sundance af Birgit Stutz
    - One Town's Incredible Race to Save Two Abandoned Horses
    af Birgit Stutz & Lawrence Scanlan

    In December 2008, snowmobilers spot two abandoned horses high in the Canadian Rockies. Starving and frostbitten, the horses have trampled the ten-foot-deep snow into a narrow white prison. Those who reach them bring hay but also a gun, in case the horses are too far gone. A glint of life in the horses' eyes earns them the hay.The harrowing yet inspiring story of their near impossible rescue--involving the volunteer efforts of an entire village, first the excavation of a trench six feet deep and over 3280 feet long, and then a nearly 20 mile descent at negative 40 degrees--is sure to be read in one breathless sitting.

  • Saving the Snowy Brumbies af Kelly Wilson
    af Kelly Wilson

    Australia's wild brumbies are slaughtered in their thousands every year. In this heart-wrenching read, Vicki, Amanda and Kelly Wilson travel to the Snowy Mountains to tame wild horses rescued from the annual Brumby cull. Once again the Wilson Sisters show that with kindness and patience horses that have never been touched can quickly become rewarding companions and even transform into winning show jumpers. This latest adventure sees the Wilson Sisters return to New Zealand with their Snowy Brumbies, who adjust to life in the Far North of New Zealand alongside once wild Kaimanawa ponies, an American Mustang and a new crop of European-bred show jumpers.

  • Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Horse Lover's Companion af Bathroom Readers' Institute
    af Bathroom Readers' Institute

    Quit horsing around! Whether you want to ride em, race em, or raise em, youll find everything equine in these pages.Why the long face? This book really ponies up the fun! From Old West cowboy companions to magnificent Kentucky Derby winners, Uncle John trots out a beloved tome dedicated to our equine friends. Saddle up and read about the most hair-raising, hilarious, and heartfelt horse tales from around the world. Youll ride into the sunset with* The high-stepping Budweiser Clydesdales*The secrets of Secretariat and other Triple Crown winners*Horse-tastic superlatives--the biggest, smallest, oldest, and fastest*Equine myths exposed (such as, Seabiscuit wasnt really that famous)* Pressing equine questions (Just how big is a hand, anyway?)*The wild ponies of Chincoteague*What it takes to be a jockey*The real horse whisperer*The Texas prison rodeo*Strange horsey lawsAnd much, much more!

  • Journey to Softness af Mark Rashid
    - In Search of Feel and Connection with the Horse
    af Mark Rashid

    Mark Rashid shares personal stories about events in his life that helped him on his journey to softness, as well as the stumbling blocks along the way. The narrative includes a section in which Mark passes on the experiences of others from a wide variety of walks of life and occupations, all sharing their views on how feel, connection and softness apply to their respective professions. Those interviewed for this special section include a musician who has written and performed several number one country music hits, a highly decorated helicopter pilot, a movie actor, a college professor, a master carpenter, an artist, and numerous others. What the reader learns by example is how to develop feel, relaxation, connection, and softness in both horse and rider. The methods and techniques Mark demonstrated have been gleaned from decades of work with horses and horse people, as well as while he trained with world-class martial artists whose lives have been dedicated to developing softness and connection with a partner through feel.

  • How to Win 21 & Poker, Dice, Races, Roulette af Mike Goodman
    af Mike Goodman

    THE ONE IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT GAMBLING is that there is no guaranteed way to win all the time. But there is a guaranteed way to lose constantly, and that is when you don't understand the basic rules of playing and betting. It is appalling how many people, even big-money gamblers, lose consistently and don't know why. There are only two types of gamblers-those who really know the game and suckers. Mike Goodman, a veteran professional gambler, gives you an amazing, easy-to-understand insight on how to gamble and win.HORSE those second favorites; let the suckers play the favorites, they're usually overplayed!'re a sucker if you don't take advantage of the odds, but the real pay-off comes when you know how to bet!SLOTS...there's only one way to beat those "e;one-arm bandits,"e; but, unfortunately, it's against the law!'s tough to beat the house percentage, but there are ways to lose less, keep you in the game, and then, who knows?BLACKJACK "e;21"e;'s a game you can win at consistently if you learn the tricks and how to put "e;lady luck"e; on your side! get real help here; tips that'll open your eyes, make you play a better game and win!This book gives solid advice on how you can become a tough player and helps tilt the odds more in your direction. I'm just plain sick of "e;experts"e; who promise the moon but peddle virtually worthless advice.Somewhere in their pitch you're told that they're not multi-millionaires because they are not allowed in gambling casinos and I challenge any one of them to use this system at "e;craps"e;, "e;21"e; or roulette at my casino. If they haven't got the guts to back up their system with hard cash, I challenge them to meet me face to face in public to debate any phase of gambling on which they claim to be an authority.Mike Goodman

  • Under Orders af John Timpson
    - The Diary of a Racehorse Owner's Husband
    af John Timpson

    When John Timpson, chairman of the eponymous high street chain, bought his wife Alex a racehorse in 2002, a friend commented that it would be 'a marvellous way to lose money'.Soon they were immersed in a world of trainers' yards, Novice Hurdles and handicaps, and well on the way to proving the old adage that the best way to make a small fortune is to start with a larger one, and buy a few racehorses.As the number of horses increased and Alex became a well-loved figure on the racing scene, John kept a diary of their experiences on and off the track. This witty book describes how racing brought something extra into their marriage - from Mondays at Ludlow to the Cheltenham Festival. It documents the wins, near misses, disappointments and occasional tragedies that make up a racing career - not to mention the friends made, the knowledge gained and the sheer thrill of it all.Under Orders is a joyous and humorous portrait of horseracing in Britain and a tribute to the owners whose dedication and enthusiasm make the whole thing possible.Sales of the book will raise money for the Injured Jockeys Fund.

  • Shannon af Jessica Owers
    af Jessica Owers

    The Extraordinary Life of Australia's First International Racehorse.Wartime Sydney, a small and weedy racehorse was kicking his way through the top tier of Australian racing. He was Shannon, one of the fastest horses the nation had ever seen. Between 1943 and 1947, Shannon broke record after record with his garrulous jockey Darby Munro. When they sensationally lost the Epsom Handicap by six inches, they forever were stamped by the race they didn't win.Sold in August 1947 for the highest price ever paid at auction for an Australian thoroughbred, Shannon ended up in America. Through headline-snatching pedigree flaws, acclimatization and countless hardships, he blitzed across the ritzy, glitzy racetracks of 1948 California. Smashing track records, world records, records set by Seabiscuit, the Australian bolted into world fame with speed and courage that defied all odds.Long before Black Caviar, or So You Think and Takeover Target, Shannon was Australia's first international racehorse. Starring Hall of Fame trainers and jockeys, Hollywood lawyers and legends Bernborough and Citation, this is his tremendous story.

  • Peter Pan af Jessica Owers
    af Jessica Owers

    A wonderful, forgotten racing story set in The Great DepressionIn 1932, they said there would never be another Phar Lap. Yet within months there came a racehorse so wildly brilliant that he was instantly compared to the dead champion. He was Peter Pan. Within months of Phar Lap's death, Peter Pan had won the Melbourne Cup and then two years later, won it again - the first horse in 72 years to take home a second. The newspapers of the day called him a 'superhorse' and declared 'another Phar Lap takes the stage.' But over the long years, Australia forgot their new champion. Peter Pan: The Forgotten Story of Phar Lap's Successor is the tale of the horse that came next - the brilliant, speedy Peter Pan. Casting off the shadow of Phar Lap, this tells the story of triumph during the Great Depression and the coming of a champion when Australia least expected one. It is time to restore the standing of our other great racing hero.

  • Coolmore Stud: af Alan Conway
    - Ireland's Greatest Sporting Success Story
    af Alan Conway

    Nestled in a quiet part of County Tipperary, Coolmore Stud casts as long a shadow as any sporting entity over the history of Irish sport. Founded by the legendary horse trainer Vincent O'Brien, and now managed by John Magnier, Coolmore Stud has grown from a small breeding farm into a global behemoth, renowned the world over for the quality of the horses it produces. Alan Conway tells the story of how Coolmore Stud and its training operation at Ballydoyle have come to dominate the world of horse breeding and racing. Using the stories of the people involved, including the legendary Syndicate of Magnier, O'Brien and Robert Sangster, and of the famous horses it has produced, such as the legendary Sadler's Wells, his sons Galileoand Montjeu, and the mighty Danehill, this book charts the rise of one of Ireland's greatest sporting success stories.

  • Cowboy Spur Maker af Tom Kelly Spar 14%
    - The Story of Ed Blanchard
    af Tom Kelly & Jane Pattie

    Ed Blanchard was best known for making spurs that fit a cowboy's boots. Yet Blanchard was known to family and friends as a wild, reckless cowboy long before horsemen of the West recognized him as a master maker of cowboy spurs. It was his years spent herding cattle and cinching his saddle on broncs that taught him his trade as both a cowboy and a spur maker.This lively, illustrated story of the man and his craft relies heavily on the memories of Blanchard's cousin, New Mexico rancher Tom Kelly of Water Canyon, who grew up with Ed and his friends. Co-author Jane Pattie has researched the times and added historical background, and she has also drawn on interviews she did with Blanchard for her earlier book, Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers. But it is from Kelly that she has uncovered Blanchard's work in the cattle business and how he learned from a neighboring rancher the art of hammering hot steel into the shape of spurs. Kelly's ranch life as well as his own spurs are also pictured in this attractive and inviting little volume.Together, Pattie and Kelly tell a dual tale of old times and of change: the story of spur making as experienced by one of its more prolific practitioners and the story of cowboys in the early part of the twentieth century. Through Blanchard's experiences, the authors trace the changes of western life, from horse to pickup truck, from hand-forged spurs to those of commercial manufacture. Ranch life, cowboying, and metalworking in the American West are interwoven through the book, as they were in the real life of Ed Blanchard, who emerges from these pages as a humorous, down-home regional character readers will be glad to get to know.

  • Riding Horse Repair Manual af Doug Payne Spar 21%
    - Not the Horse You Want? Create Him from What You Have
    af Doug Payne

    Contending that nearly all horse behavior problems result from incorrect or inconsistent training, this work highlights the potential behind the worlds promising equine model citizens and partners. The guide emphasizes systematic reconditioning while encouraging patience and proper skills in riders, providing a comprehensive plan for addressing issues such as bucking, bolting, rearing, spooking, lack of confidence, jumping issues, and more. Featuring a clear, accessible outline, this is the definitive solution to implementing consistent training methods, allowing riders to take full advantage of their horses unrealized abilities. Suggestions for starting young horses, detailed case studies, and strategies for future success are also included.

  • Bill Hartack af Christine Bill Christine Spar 16%
    - The Bittersweet Life of a Hall of Fame Jockey
    af Christine Bill Christine

    Bill Hartack won the Kentucky Derby five times, and seemed to hate every moment. "e;If only Bill could have gotten along with people the way he got along with horses,"e; a trainer said. His impoverished upbringing didn't help: his mother was killed in an automobile accident; the family home burned down; his father was murdered by a girlfriend; and he was estranged from his sisters for most of his life. Larry King, his friend, said it was just as well Hartack never married, because it wouldn't have lasted. Hartack was one of racing's most accomplished jockeys. But he was an inveterate grouch and gave the press a hard time. At 26, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Whenever the media tried to bury him, he would win another Derby. At the end of his life, he was found alone in a cabin in the Texas hinterlands. Drawn from dozens of interviews and conversations with family members, friends and enemies, this book provides a full account of Hartack's turbulent life.

  • Black Winning Jockeys in the Kentucky Derby af Saunders James Robert Saunders Spar 16%
    af Saunders James Robert Saunders & Saunders Monica Renae Saunders

    Oliver Lewis was champion jockey of the Kentucky Derby in 1875 with a winning race time of two minutes and 37 seconds. Jockey Willie Simms won in 1896, bringing his horse in at two minutes and seven seconds. James Winkfield was the winning jockey in both 1901 and 1902 with winning race times of two minutes and seven seconds and two minutes and eight seconds, respectively. Each of these men possessed the skill and power necessary to spur a horse to glorious victory. All are members of the small, select group of Derby-winning jockeys who were African Americans. The stakes were high: Black jockeys who won a race in the late 1700s and 1800s sometimes won freedom from slavery as well. This work examines the presence of black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby, from the first instance of slaves working as stable hands and tending their masters' horses to the first black jockey to win the prestigious Kentucky Derby in 1875 and the continued participation of black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby. Black owners and trainers in the Kentucky Derby are also discussed. Three appendices list black winning jockeys, black trainers and black owners of Kentucky Derby horses.

  • Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes af Sowers Richard Sowers Spar 16%
    - A Comprehensive History
    af Sowers Richard Sowers

    This is the definitive history of thoroughbred racing's three premier events, which have never before been explored in such detail. This book gives the history of America's classic races from the inaugural Belmont Stakes in 1867 through 2013, identifying which equine participants were truly worthy of lasting acclaim and which were one-hit wonders. Perhaps even more compelling are the stories of the men and women who rode, trained, owned, or bred classic winners, including their exploits on the turf and their triumphs and failures in arenas far removed from horse racing.

  • Land Between The Lakes Outdoor Handbook af Johnny Molloy Spar 21%
    - Your Complete Guide for Hiking, Camping, Fishing, and Nature Study in Western Tennessee and Kentucky
    af Johnny Molloy

    Land Between The Lakes Outdoor Handbook, by Johnny Molloy, is the only comprehensive guide to the magnificent Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. The handbook is divided into two sections--water activities and land activities. The water section guides visitors to important fishing spots and lakes, as well as outlines one of the longest paddle trails in the Midwest--the 85-mile-long Land Between The Lakes Paddle Route. Descriptions of all lake accesses and swimming beaches are also included.The land section offers detailed descriptions of more than 300 miles of hiking trails (including the 60-mile-long North-South Trail). Finally, the guide offers an extensive reference section, detailing alternate lodging possibilities, outfitters, and conveniences located in nearby towns.This new edition is completely updated and features new trails and new photos.

  • Black Hawk or Morgan Family - A Historical Article on a Famous Dynasty in American Horse Racing History af John H. Wallace
    af John H. Wallace

    This text comprises a detailed treatise on the Morgan - or Black Hawk - a dynasty of famous American racing horses. Contained herein is a fascinating exploration of one of the most popular and enigmatic families of race horses in American sporting history. It includes information on their known history, the controversy and mystery surrounding them, and much more besides. This text will be of considerable value to anyone with an interest in the Morgan dynasty, or in notable racing pedigrees, and is not to be missed by the discerning collector. The chapters of this book include: 'Characteristics of the Morgans', 'History of the Original Morgan', 'The Fabled Pedigree', 'The True Briton Theory', 'Justin Morgan's Breeding Hopelessly Unknown', 'Sherman Morgan', 'Black Hawk', 'His Disputed Paternity', 'His Dam Called a Narrangansett', etcetera. We are proud to republish this vintage book, now complete with a new and specially commissioned introduction on horses used for sports and utility.

  • Guide to Riding with Hounds - A Collection of Historical Equestrian Articles on the Etiquette and Technique of Hunt Riding af Various Authors
    af Various Authors

    This book contains a collection of historical equestrian articles on the horse as used for hunting, with information on the etiquette and technique of hunt-riding. This fascinating and informative text contains a wealth of useful and practical information on hunt-riding, much of which is timeless and will be of considerable value to anyone with an interest in the subject. The articles of this compendium include: 'Come, Ride with Me - Being a Small Book on Saddle Horses and Riding for Pleasure'; 'Saddle-Room Sayings - With Topics, Anecdotes, and Stories of the Hunter'; 'Riding and Horsemanship'; and 'The Horse in All His Varieties and Uses'. We are proud to republish this vintage book, now complete with a new and specially commissioned introduction on horses used for sport and utility.

  • Horse Locomotion - A Historical Article on the Mechanics of Equine Movement af T. S. Paterson
    af T. S. Paterson

    This text contains a historical article on the mechanics of equine movement and locomotion. Complete with interesting, practicable information and a wealth of useful tips, this timeless text will appeal to the modern equestrian or veterinarian. It will make for a great addition to collections of equestrian literature. The chapters of this book include; 'The Horse's Mind', 'The Horse's Movement', 'The Paces of a Horse', 'The Trot', 'The Walk', 'The Canter', and 'The Gallop'. Many antique books such as this are becoming increasingly hard to come by and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are proudly republishing this book, now complete with a new introduction on the breeding and anatomy of horses.

  • Examining and Judging a Horse - With Information on Breaking and Training Horses af Nelson S. Mayo
    af Nelson S. Mayo

    This antique volume contains a guide to the examining and judging of horses, with additional information on breaking, training, and caring for horses. It includes a comprehensive list of the various aspects of the horse that would be looked at during an examination, and provides information on what one can expect to find, and what the different findings denote. Written in clear language and profusely illustrated, this is a text that will be of much interest to all manner of equestrians, making it a worthy addition to collections of equine literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Age', 'The Teeth of the Horse', 'Names of the Teeth', 'The Diseases of Animals', 'Teeth of Horses and Cattle', 'Contrasts with Cattle', 'Colour of Horses', 'Style', 'Points in Horses', 'Unsoundness in Horses', 'Warranty', 'Examination of Horse in Stable', 'Examining out of Doors', etcetera. We are proudly republishing this book now complete with a new introduction on the care and maintenance of horses.

  • Horse Feed, Its Properties and Effects - With Information for the Horse Owner af Cecil
    af Cecil

    This book contains a detailed guide to horse feed, including information on varieties, their properties, and their effects. Written in clear, concise language and including all the information a horse-owner needs to know about feeding their animals, this volume constitutes an invaluable handbook and is not to be missed by those with a keen interest in the subject. The chapters of this book include: 'The Stud Farm', 'Ingredients of Blood', 'Conversion of Food', 'Effects of Food', 'Properties and Qualities of Food', 'Winter and Summer Food', 'Nitrogen in Hay and Oats', 'Choice of Hay', 'Selection of Oats', 'Bruising Oats', 'Preparation of Bran Mashes', 'Artificial Grasses', etcetera. Many antique books such as this are increasingly rare and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are proudly republishing this text in an affordable modern edition complete with a new introduction on the care and management of horses.

  • True Grit: Revised and Updated af Les Carlyon
    af Les Carlyon

    Four decades of tales from the turf from Australia's leading writer on history and horses, Les Carlyon.Every outrage that occurs on any racecourse anywhere can be explained by one line from Damon Runyon: 'Well, it is horse racing.'Les Carlyon's acclaimed collection of feature stories and vignettes from Australian racing now spans forty years. From Bart Cummings before he was a Cup legend to Colin Hayes and Kerry Packer and Peter Moody and his unbeatable Black Caviar, no one sees the magic and heartbreak in the world of horses and racing with quite the poetry of Les Carlyon.Les's eye is both sharp and tender, his writing is so vivid you can almost feel the steaming breath of the mighty gallopers on your cheek and he is under no illusions about the reality of this glorious, awful, fortune-making, heart-breaking sport.

  • For the Love of Horses af Kelly Wilson
    af Kelly Wilson

    Three sisters and their unforgettable journeys to rescue, tame and train New Zealand's wild Kaimanawa horses. For the Love of Horses is a heartfelt story with humble beginnings in rural New Zealand. From the trials and tears of Pony Club to the joy of riding bareback, and the pressures of adolescence and competitive showjumping, it follows television stars and sisters Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson's rise to success at the highest level of competition. It is also the story of an unlikely childhood dream coming true.In 2012 the Wilson sisters became aware of the plight of the wild Kaimanawa horses as they were rounded up and sent to the slaughterhouse. The sisters embarked on a courageous journey to tame horses that many people believed were untrainable. Can the Wilsons change these horses' fate?Share the heartbreak, the pain, the elation and the success as the sisters take on these great challenges in this touching and remarkable omnibus edition of two bestsellers.

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