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  • - Easy Recipes For Fresh and Effective Deodorants
    af Debra Hill
    93,95 kr.

    Deodorants: Easy Recipes For Fresh and Effective DeodorantsThis book caters in teaching you various recipes that you can do in making your personal deodorants at home that are all natural and safe for human's health. You will also learn the benefits of using all-natural deodorants your very own wellbeing. After reading the entire book expect that you can enjoy the benefits of all-natural deodorant recipes to your overall health and notice how will it improve it significantly.Rest assured that the long term use of the recipes that are written on this book will make you realize that natural is always better. So if you want to remove that body odor easily without the side-effects then this book is definitely the one that you should purchase and you will surely never regret buying this because it is definitely one of the best out there.To give you an insight of what you will learn here is the overview of the topics and benefits below: Easy to create, do-it-yourself deodorant recipes that are truly promising.Carefully chosen ingredients to remove that body odor real quick.A deep comparison between the natural and artificial deodorants.An insight of my life on how I created promising natural deodorant recipes

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