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  • af Ken Urbansky
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    Meet Tommy Evans, a college dropout who's fed up with the hypocrisy of Christianity. He'd rather choose homelessness than live under his dad's religious roof another day. But Tommy's world is about to flip upside down overnight. One moment he's rehashing a heated argument with his dad about the myth of Christianity, and the next, he's waking up in the body of the apostle Thomas in ancient Galilee. Tommy is a total skeptic thrown into a world with a Jesus he doesn't believe in! At first, he hopes it's just a vivid dream, but the miracles and teachings around him are all too real. This Jesus? Not what he expected. The disciples? Absolutely nothing like he imagined. As Tommy grapples with the complexities of first-century Israel, Roman domination, and Jewish zealotry, Thomas's life challenges everything he thought he knew. But Tommy knows something no other disciple does: Jesus is headed for a crucifixion. And he's got a hunch he might have been divinely sent back in time to prevent it. Torn between saving his new friend and mentor and preserving the biblical timeline, he struggles to decide which choice will finally send him home. With revolution brewing and religious authorities scheming, Tommy must decipher his purpose before catastrophe strikes in Jerusalem. Will he radically rewrite history or let it run its course? Prepare for a heart-pounding journey through time, where one man's decision can change the course of human history.

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