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  • Named of the Dragon af Susanna Kearsley Spar 20%
    af Susanna Kearsley

    • Fragt
    • 29,95 kr.
  • Jesus spricht: Das Evangelium nach Jesus. Ein neues Testament für unsere Zeit af Paul Ferrini
    af Paul Ferrini

    In Paul Ferrinis neustem Werk spricht uns Jesus ganz unmittelbar an.In einem wahren Evangelium der Liebe entfaltet er einen Weg, der ganz auf ein Ziel ausgerichtet ist: zu lernen, bedingungslos zu lieben.In sieben Kapiteln beschreibt Jesus zugleich eine religionsübergreifende und tatkräftige Lehre, bei der Dogmatismus und Autoritäres nichts zu suchen haben. Oder wie Jesus sagt: "Es ist unwichtig, welchen Pfad ihr geht oder wie ihr ihn benennt. Wenn du ein liebevoller Mensch bist, ist es dann wichtig, ob du Jude, Muslim oder Taoist bist?""Es mag sein, dass ich jetzt nicht verkörpert bin, aber in Deiner Liebe bin ich gegenwärtig. Wenn Du zur Liebe in Deinem Herzen findest, weißt Du, dass ich bei Dir bin. So einfach ist das." aus 'Jesus spricht'Paul Ferrini studierte Erziehungswissenschaften, Psychologie, Literatur und Religionswissenschaften. Seine Vorträge und Gespräche, seine Retreats und der Afffinity-Prozess haben Tausenden geholfen, ihre Praxis der Vergebung zu vertiefen. Er hat zwei erwachsene Kinder und lebt abwechselnd in Florida und Massachusetts.

  • Min afsked med islamismen af Ahmed Akkari Spar 18%
    - Muhammedkrisen, dobbeltspillet og kampen mod Danmark
    af Ahmed Akkari & Martin Kjær Jensen

    Som 16-årig blev flygtningedrengen Ahmed Akkari hvervet af det islamistiske miljø omkring moskeen i Danmarksgade i Aalborg. Få år senere var han blevet en toneangivende imam, der prædikede i moskeer overalt i Danmark. Og i 2006 blev han talsmand for den gruppe af muslimske foreninger, der ydede et afgørende bidrag til optrapningen af Muhammedkrisen.Med afsæt i en dramatisk og bevægende personlig historie portrætterer Ahmed Akkari i denne bog en islamistisk undergrund i Danmark, hvorfra der rustes til kamp mod danskerne og deres værdier. Han fortæller om imamer, der som selvbestaltede shariadommere hersker i ghettoerne. Og han afslører, hvordan muslimske foreninger under dække af folkeoplysning hæver kommunale støttekroner til islamistisk indoktrinering af børn og unge.

  • Dalai Lama's Little Book of Buddhism af His Holiness The Dalai Lama Spar 15%
    af His Holiness The Dalai Lama

    This little audiobook contains the core teaching on Buddhism by the Dalai Lama. It includes thought-provoking quotations about the importance of love and compassion, and the need for individual responsibility, fuses ancient wisdom with an awareness of the problems of everyday life.In addition to containing the essence of Buddhism, this audiobook offers practical wisdom for daily life. The goal of this small gift audiobook is to improve the listener's state of mind and to discover the deep peace that exists within.Here are pithy reflections on the need to rid oneself of preoccupations with mundane concerns and to find refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

  • Taken af Dee Henderson Spar 15%
    af Dee Henderson

    A compelling new mystery from Dee Henderson!Abducted at the age of sixteen and coerced into assisting the Jacoby crime family, Shannon Bliss has finally found a way out. She desperately wants to resume some semblance of normal life, but she also knows she has some unfinished business to attend to. She has enough evidence to put her captors behind bars for a very long time.When Shannon contacts private investigator and former cop Matthew Dane to help her navigate her reentry into society, she quickly discovers that gaining her freedom doesn't mean her troubles are over. For one thing, her brother is the leading candidate in the race for Illinois governor, and news of her escape will create a media frenzy. For another, the ransom her family reportedly paid years earlier appears to have been a scam; no one knows what happened to the money. And then there's the fact that Shannon's escape involved faking her own death. If the Jacoby family learns she is still alive, they'll stop at nothing to silence her.If justice is to be done, and if Shannon's life is ever to get on track again, Matthew will need to discover exactly what happened to hereven if it means stirring up a hornet's nest of secrets.

  • Death on Diamond Mountain af Scott Carney Spar 15%
    - A True Story of Obsession, Madness, and the Path to Enlightenment
    af Scott Carney

    An investigative reporter explores an infamous case where an obsessive and unorthodox search for enlightenment went terribly wrong.When thirty-eight-year-old Ian Thorson died from dehydration and dysentery on a remote Arizona mountaintop in 2012, the New York Times reported the story under the headline: "e;Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death."e; Scott Carney, a journalist and anthropologist who lived in India for six years, was struck by how Thorsons death echoed other incidents that reflected the little-talked-about connection between intensive meditation and mental instability.Using these tragedies as a springboard, Carney explores how those who go to extremes to achieve divine revelationsand undertake it in illusory wayscan tangle with madness. He also delves into the unorthodox interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism that attracted Thorson and the bizarre teachings of its chief evangelists: Thorsons wife, Lama Christie McNally, and her previous husband, Geshe Michael Roach, the supreme spiritual leader of Diamond Mountain University, where Thorson died.Carney unravels how the cultlike practices of McNally and Roach and the questionable circumstances surrounding Thorsons death illuminate a uniquely American tendency to mix and match eastern religious traditions like LEGO pieces in a quest to reach an enlightened, perfected state, no matter the cost.Aided by Thorsons private papers, along with cutting-edge neurological research that reveals the profound impact of intensive meditation on the brain and stories of miracles and black magic, sexualized rituals, and tantric rites from former Diamond Mountain acolytes, A Death on Diamond Mountain is a gripping work of investigative journalism that reveals how the path to enlightenment can be riddled with danger.

  • Mad Monk Manifesto af Yun Rou Spar 20%
    af Yun Rou

    Change The World By Changing YourselfFind answers:Today, it's easy to get outraged by world events, frustrated by our own personal battles, and disenfranchised from government and leadership. Born of moral indignation, informed by decades of study, and seasoned by a life of devoted self-cultivation, Monk Yun Rou'sMad Monk Manifestohas the answers we're looking for, organically cohering personal prescriptions and calls to social and political action in one powerful document.Discover venerated wisdom:Based on ancient Chinese wisdom such as Lao Tzu'sTao Te Ching,Mad Monk Manifestois part tour guide to consciousness, part recipe for personal development, part prescription for environmental salvation, and part handbook for social change. In approximately 70,000 words, the book's six chapters (framed by an introduction and afterward) follow the traditional Taoist prescription for changing the larger world by changing ourselves first.Improve yourselfand the world:In the same way ripples move away from a stone dropped into a pond,Mad Monk Manifestobegins with our personal lives, discussing topics such as diet, exercise, meditation, and mind/body practice, and spreads to our public environment, describing ideas such as what we can do to improve the community, the government, and the world. Full of everything from advice for a healthy, conscious lifestyle to suggested actions we can take to enhance the lives of friends, family, coworkers, and community members,Mad Monk Manifestohighlights spirituality and service, the goals of an awakened life.Learn something new:Each chapter ofMad Monk Manifestois creative and fresh, offering proactive solutions in single-paragraph exhortations and prescriptions against a backdrop of lessons from Chinese history, the wisdom of ancient sages like Lao Tzu, and stories born of author Monk Yun Rous journey from privileged Manhattanite to practicing Taoist monk. Inspirational and informative, exhortative and prescriptive, this modern Alan Watts creates a complete and immersive experience for everyone who picks up hisMad Monk Manifestoa portrayal of everything from the mundane to the sublime through the lens of the philosophy best known from George Lucas'Star Warssaga, the Green Movement, and surf and hippie cultures. Emerge with a new way of seeing life, a series of concrete steps to take for personal transformation, and an action plan for working in the community to provoke change.Mad Monk Manifestois precisely what the world needs at a time of unprecedented environmental disasters, international instability, and divisive and unreliable leadership. After reading this book, you will learn:How to relax, rectify, and rebalance lifeHow to bolster the community and deepen cultureHow to effect positive change in commerce, government, power, and the environmentFor readers of Alan Watts, Ursula Le Guin, andChange Your ThoughtsChange Your Lifeby Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  • Buddhism Is Not What You Think af Steven Hagen Spar 21%
    - Finding Freedom Beyond Beliefs
    af Steven Hagen

    Bestselling author and renowned Zen teacher Steve Hagen penetrates the most essential and enduring questions at the heart of the Buddha's teachings: How can we see the world in each moment, rather than merely as what we think, hope, or fear it is? How can we base our actions on reality, rather than on the longing and loathing of our hearts and minds? How can we live lives that are wise, compassionate, and in tune with reality? And how can we separate the wisdom of Buddhism from the cultural trappings and misconceptions that have come to be associated with it? Drawing on down-to-earth examples from everyday life and stories from Buddhist teachers past and present, Hagen tackles these fundamental inquiries with his trademark lucid, straightforward prose. The newcomer to Buddhism will be inspired by this accessible and provocative introduction, and those more familiar with Buddhism will welcome this much needed hands-on guide to understanding what it truly means to be awake. By being challenged to question what we take for granted, we come to see the world as it truly is. Buddhism Is Not What You Think offers a profound and clear path to a life of joy and freedom.

  • Luther's Fortress af James Reston Jr. Spar 21%
    - Martin Luther and His Reformation under Siege
    af James Reston Jr.

    From a celebrated religious scholar comes a riveting account of the Catholic Church's failed attempt to crush Martin Luther and his Reformation.In 1521, the Catholic Church was hunting for Martin Luther. Angered by the Christian reformer's unapologetic criticisms of the Church, the Holy Roman Emperor had called for him "e;to be apprehended and punished as a notorious heretic."e; Knowing that inquisitors would murder the monk and crush his fragile movement if they caught him, Luther's followers spirited him away to Wartburg Castle in central Germany. There Luther hid for the next eight months as his fate-and that of the Reformation-hung in the balance.In Luther's Fortress, acclaimed religious historian James Reston Jr. describes this crucial but little-known episode in Luther's life. While at Wartburg, Luther translated the Bible, fought his inner demons, and held together his fractious and increasingly radicalized movement from afar. A gripping portrait of the theologian at a transformational moment, Luther's Fortress reveals how Luther and his Reformation emerged from Wartburg Castle stronger than ever.

  • What Your Body Knows about God af Rob Moll Spar 21%
    - How We Are Designed to Connect, Serve, and Thrive
    af Rob Moll

    Have you ever had an experience where you felt particularly aware of God? If God is real and we are created in God's image, then it makes sense that our minds and bodies would be designed with the perceptive ability to sense and experience God.Scientists are now discovering ways that our bodies are designed to connect with God. Research shows that our brain systems are wired to enable us to have spiritual experiences. The spiritual circuits that are used in prayer or worship are also involved in developing compassion for others. Our bodies have actually been created to love God and serve our neighbors.Award-winning journalist Rob Moll chronicles the fascinating ways in which our brains and bodies interact with God and spiritual realities. He reports on neuroscience findings that show how our brains actually change and adapt when engaged in spiritual practices. We live longer, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives when we cultivate the biological spiritual capacity that puts us in touch with God. God has created our bodies to fulfill the Great Commandment; we are hardwired to commune with God and to have compassion and community with other people. Moll explores the neuroscience of prayer, how liturgy helps us worship, why loving God causes us to love others, and how a life of love and service leads to the abundant life for which we were created.Just as our physical bodies require exercise to stay healthy, so too can spiritual exercises and practices revitalize our awareness of God. Heighten your spiritual senses and discover how you have been designed for physical and spiritual flourishing.

  • Guaranteed Pure af Timothy E. W. Gloege Spar 21%
    - The Moody Bible Institute, Business, and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism
    af Timothy E. W. Gloege

    In the history of the Moody Bible Institute, founded in 1886 by shoe salesman turned revivalist Dwight Lyman Moody, Timothy Gloege finds an answer to why Christian ethics seem to go hand in hand with free-market capitalism. Taking the story back to the origins of modern fundamentalism as it arose within the social and cultural context of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, Gloege reveals longstanding connections between Chicago evangelicals and business and shows that the marriage between modern business and the so-called "e;old-time religion"e; developed symbiotically, forever altering the American religious landscape.By 1920, a shifting coalition of businessmen, midlevel bureaucrats, and ministers had forged a remarkably resilient form of conservative evangelicalism that deviated in key respects from traditional Protestantism and that embraced modern consumer-oriented ideas and strategies. At the bottom was evangelicalism's thoroughgoing individualism, demonstrated prominently in the privilege it gave to a personal relationship with God as the essence of an authentic faith. This individualism aligned with key developments within capitalism and facilitated a remarkable confluence of business and religious ideas resistant to the influence of Darwinian science's basic orientation toward aggregated populations conditioned by nature or nurture.For these evangelicals, to challenge capitalism was to challenge the foundations of evangelical orthodoxy. Guaranteed pure from both liberal theology and populist literalism, this was a new form of old-time religion not simply compatible with modern consumer capitalism but uniquely dependent on it.

  • Letters of Samuel Rutherford af Samuel Rutherford Spar 21%
    af Samuel Rutherford

    An important collection of inspiring devotionalsThe seventeenth-century devotional letters of Samuel Rutherford, most of which were written during imprisonment for the sake of the gospel, are presented for the edification of a new generation of readers. Published more than 350 years ago, The Letters of Samuel Rutherford have been a source of encouragement and inspiration for Christians throughout the world.

  • Fear Not Promise Book af Max Lucado Spar 21%
    - For I Am with You Always
    af Max Lucado

    Although fear fills our world, it doesn't have to fill our hearts.No one likes living in a world filled with fear and uncertainty. But in such times, God does some of his most important work. Our part is to trust that he will be true to his promises. Brimming with comfort, encouragement, and truth, Max Lucado's Fear Not addresses six major topics related to fear, from "e;God Is with You"e; to "e;God Is Never Surprised."e; This book also contains two hundred additional verses to help readers overcome chains of anxiety caused by fear and live boldly and joyfully the way God intended. While fear corrodes confidence, faith in God's love and presence always restores hope.

  • Summer of Secrets af Charlotte Hubbard Spar 21%
    - Seasons of the Heart
    af Charlotte Hubbard

    Welcome to Willow Ridge, Missouri. In this cozy Amish town along the banks of the river, the old ways are celebrated at the Sweet Seasons Bakery Cafe, and love is a gift God gives with grace.Summer has come to Willow Ridge, and Rachel Lantz is looking forward to a whole new season in her life as well-marriage to strapping carpenter Micah Brenneman, her childhood sweetheart. But when a strange Englisher arrives in the cafe claiming to be the long-lost sister of Rachel and her twin Rhoda, Rachel feels the sturdy foundation of her future crumbling-including Micah's steadfast love. As the days heat up and tempers flare, Rachel and Micah will learn that even when God's plan isn't clear, it will always lead them back to each other.

  • Autumn Winds af Charlotte Hubbard Spar 21%
    - Seasons of the Heart
    af Charlotte Hubbard

    The leaves are falling, and there's a chill in the air in Willow Ridge, Missouri, the quaint, quiet Amish town where love, loyalty, and faith in the old ways are about to be put to the test.Winds of change are blowing through Willow Ridge, and they're bringing a stranger to the Sweet Seasons Bakery. At first, widowed Miriam Lantz has misgivings about Ben Hooley, a handsome but rootless traveling blacksmith. But as she gets to know the kindhearted newcomer, she wonders if his arrival was providential. Perhaps she could find love again-if only there weren't so many obstacles in the way. With Bishop Knepp relentlessly pursuing her hand in marriage and the fate of her beloved cafe at stake, Miriam must listen to God and her heart to find the happiness she longs for and the love she deserves.

  • Winter of Wishes af Charlotte Hubbard Spar 21%
    - Seasons of the Heart
    af Charlotte Hubbard

    Snow is falling, cookies are baking, and Christmas is just around the corner in Willow Ridge, Missouri, where a new season marks fresh beginnings for the residents of the tranquil Amish town.As another year draws to a close in Willow Ridge, life seems to be changing for everyone but Rhoda Lantz. Her widowed mother is about to remarry, her sister is a busy newlywed, and soon Rhoda will be alone in her cozy apartment above the blacksmith's shop. An ad posted by an Englisher looking for someone to help with his mother and children may offer just the companionship she's looking for-but if she falls for the caring single father, she may risk being shunned by her community. Certain she can only wish for things she cannot have, Rhoda must remember that all things are possible with God, and nothing is stronger than the power of love.

  • Breath of Spring af Charlotte Hubbard Spar 21%
    - Seasons of the Heart
    af Charlotte Hubbard

    As a bright season brings a fresh start to Willow Ridge, Annie Mae Knepp feels she can never make peace with the past. Her disgraced ex-bishop father is furious she has taken her five siblings to live with her. She's never been truly at home in her faith ... or believing in herself. And Annie Mae fears no man will want to take on the responsibilities she's gladly shouldered. True, her quiet neighbor Adam Wagler has been steadfast and unshakeable helping her through her trials, but he surely couldn't think of someone so lost as more than a friend. Believing she is unworthy because of her doubts, Annie Mae will find in a moment of surprising revelation that God can work impossible miracles-and that love makes all things new.

  • Harvest of Blessings af Charlotte Hubbard Spar 21%
    af Charlotte Hubbard

    The tranquil little town of Willow Ridge is facing a startling challenge. Wealthy Nora Glick Landwehr is determined to make it her home again-and put her past to rest. Cast out by her own family, Nora can't reconcile with Old Amish ways or her strict father. But she'll do anything to help her community embrace the future, and to make amends to the daughter she had to give up. So she certainly has no time for her reckless new neighbor Luke Hooley. They disagree about almost everything. And how can she trust him if he always seems to believe the worst about her? Somehow, though, his unexpected support and passionate heart are helping her find her own way in faith. And Nora will discover that even in the face of insidious lies and unyielding judgment, God creates unexpected chances for forgiveness-and love.

  • Future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis af Garry Wills Spar 21%
    af Garry Wills

    New York Times bestselling historian Garry Wills takes on a pressing question in modern religion-will Pope Francis embrace change?Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope and the first from the Americas, offers a challenge to his church. Can he bring about significant change? Should he?Garry Wills argues that changes have been the evidence of life in the Catholic Church. It has often changed, sometimes with bad consequences, more often with good-good enough to make it perdure. In this brilliant and incisive study, he gives seven examples of deep and serious changes that have taken place within the last century. None of them was effected by the pope all by himself.As Wills contends, it is only by examining the history of the church that we can understand the challenges facing both it and Francis, and as history shows, any changes that meet those challenges will have impact only if the church, the people of God, support them. In reading the church's history, Wills considers the lessons Pope Francis seems to have learned. The challenge that Francis offers the church is its ability to undertake new spiritual adventures, making it a poor church for the poor, after the example of Jesus.

  • Holy War af John Bunyan Spar 21%
    - The Losing and Taking Again of the Town of Mansoul
    af John Bunyan

    First published in 1682, John Bunyan's allegorical novel The Holy War is a classic of Christian literature whose spiritual insight rivals that of even his most famous work, The Pilgrim's Progress. It tells the story of Mansoul, a utopia built to exalt the greatness and honor of its creator and leader, King Shaddai. However, when the wicked Diabolus, a former high servant of Shaddai's and the king of the blacks, assaults Mansoul, the town forgets its benevolent king and falls under his iniquitous rule. With the citizens of his beloved city lost to sin and vice, Shaddai sends his son, Prince Emmanuel, to deliver them from Diabolus' tyranny.An epic tale of good versus evil, The Holy War is not only a masterpiece of religious literature, but also an entertaining and engaging story for all listeners.

  • Dao De Jing Spar 21%

    Composed more than two thousand years ago, the Dao de jing (Tao Te Ching) set forth an alternative vision of reality in a world torn apart by violence and betrayal. Second only to the Bible, this timeless classic is one of the world's most revered inspirational books. Daoism offers a comprehensive view of experience grounded in a full understanding of the wonders hidden in the ordinary. Now in this luminous new translation, Chinese scholars Ames and Hall bring the timeless wisdom of the Dao de jing into our contemporary world.

  • Jesus af Deepak Chopra Spar 21%
    - A Story of Enlightenment
    af Deepak Chopra

    Jesus is a fresh and inspirational reimagining of a young man's transformational journey from carpenter's son to revolutionary leader to the man whom many believe to be the savior of the world. Very little is known or recorded about Jesus in his formative years. In the Gospel stories, we witness the birth of Jesus and then see him as a young boy of twelve intensely questioning the rabbis in the Second Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus does not reappear until age thirty, when he emerges as the potent and stirring rebel baptized by John at the River Jordan. What happens to Jesus in those lost years? How did Jesus the young boy become Christ the Savior? With his characteristic ability for imparting profound spiritual insights through the power of storytelling, Chopra's Jesus will capture the life of Jesus as never before.

  • Abide in Christ af ANDREW MURRAY Spar 21%

    Rather than accepting God's invitation to enter into his throne room, many Christians hesitate, uncertain and ashamed, just outside the door. There they stand alone, foolishly ignoring the glory Christ offers as he beckons them to his table, to his house. They accept Jesus as their redeemer but can't seem to pass beyond the threshold of their faith, thereby missing out on the joy that awaits them in the presence of God.In Abide in Christ, Pastor Andrew Murray encourages listeners to live closer to God, in communion and fellowship with him. These thirty-one heart-searching readings will help listeners accept God's invitation to come closer to him and live in his blessings and glory.

  • Case of the Sin City Sister af Lynne Hinton Spar 21%
    - A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery
    af Lynne Hinton

    When Eve's biological sister goes missing, the nun heads to Las Vegas to track her down before it's too late.Years ago Eve heard God's call to become a nun, but her recent stint moonlighting at her father's detective agency has her wrestling with her vocation. She's working with him on a case involving a miner in New Mexico when alarming news develops: her sister Dorisanne is missing. The authorities won't act without evidence of a crime, but Eve knows something suspicious-and possibly deadly-is afoot. Challenged to put her newly found gift as a private investigator to the test, Sister Eve heads to Las Vegas to uncover clues about her sister's whereabouts.What nefarious scheme has Dorisanne become involved in? Is her life in danger? And what is Dorisanne's estranged husband hiding? Sister Eve will discover that there's always more going on in Sin City than meets the eye.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories of Faith - 31 Stories of Special Moments, Miracles, and Celebrating Life af Jack Canfield Spar 13%
    af Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

    31 Stories of Special Moments, Miracles, and Celebrating Life Special Moments Miracles Celebrating Life

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories of Faith - 39 Stories about Answered Prayers, the Power of Love, Family, and Making a Difference af Jack Canfield Spar 13%
    af Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

    39 Stories about Answered Prayers, the Power of Love, Family, and Making a Difference Answered Prayers The Power of Love Family Making a Difference

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories of Faith - 31 Stories about God's Healing Power, Divine Intervention, and Comfort from Heaven af Jack Canfield Spar 13%
    af Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

    31 Stories about God's Healing Power, Divine Intervention, and Comfort from Heaven God's Healing Power Divine Intervention Comfort from Heaven

  • Sadness, Love, Openness af Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
    - The Buddhist Path of Joy
    af Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

    A direct, pithy, and accessible guide to the entire path of Tibetan Buddhism by one of the most beloved and respected contemporary lamasAccessible, playful, and genuine, this concise guide shows how we can incorporate our own daily experiences into our spiritual path and awaken to how things truly are. By embracing sadness, love, and openness in our lives, we develop an altruistic attitude to help all beings who suffer and to reduce our own greed and aggression. This easy-to-read manual by one of the most widely loved and respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers of our time teaches us how to honestly explore and deal with our own hang-ups and neuroses. Through knowing our own true nature as aware and compassionate, we can progress, step-by-step, on the Buddhist path and use Rinpoche's pithy wisdom along the way as a touchstone.Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's fresh and engaged approach to timeless Buddhist wisdom enables us to deeply connect with authentic teachings in a modern context. This work is a delight and inspiration to read, outlining the major teachings and practices of Buddhism in a succinct way.

  • Way of the Warrior af Erwin Raphael McManus
    - An Ancient Path to Inner Peace
    af Erwin Raphael McManus

    Best-selling author, pastor, futurist, and cultural thought leader believes that to experience and establish peace, we must first confront the battles that rage within.McManus shows that encountering peace does not occur by accident, but rather by artful intention. Warrior is a call to decisiveness, self-examination, and the pursuit of spiritual wholeness. Through the ancient biblical practices of humility, focus, ownership, clarity, strength, and vulnerability, he guides readers to a deeper understanding of their inner workings and provides the guidance they need to establish peace and tranquility in their homes, neighborhoods, communities, and even the world! In the style of a battle-wizened teacher, McManus delivers wisdom, instills passion, and provides the sacred movements needed to become the warrior you were meant to be.

  • Of Fire and Lions af Mesu Andrews
    - A Novel
    af Mesu Andrews

    The Old Testament book of Daniel comes to life in this novel for readers of Lynn Austin's Chronicles of the Kings series or Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series.FINALIST FOR THE CHRISTY AWARDSurvival. A Hebrew girl first tasted it when she escaped death nearly seventy years ago as the Babylonians ransacked Jerusalem and took their finest as captives. She thought she'd perfected in the many years amongst the Magoi and the idol worshippers, pretending with all the others in King Nebuchadnezzar's court. Now, as Daniel's wife and a septuagenarian matriarch, Belili thinks she's safe and she can live out her days in Babylon without fear--until the night Daniel is escorted to Belshazzar's palace to interpret mysterious handwriting on a wall. The Persian Army invades, and Bellili's tightly-wound secrets unfurl with the arrival of the conquering army. What will the reign of Darius mean for Daniel, a man who prays to Yahweh alone?Ultimately, Yahweh's sovereign hand guides Jerusalem's captives, and the frightened Hebrew girl is transformed into a confident woman, who realizes her need of the God who conquers both fire and lions.

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