Caribou Island af David Vann Bog, Paperback

Caribou Island


Gary, driven by thirty years of diverted plans, and Irene are trying to rebuild their life together. Across the water on the mainland, Irene and Gary's grown daughter, Rhoda is starting her own life. She fantasizes about the perfect wedding day, whilst her betrothed, Jim the dentist, wonders about the possibility of an altogether different future.

  • Sprog:
  • Engelsk
  • ISBN:
  • 9780670918447
  • Indbinding:
  • Paperback
  • Sideantal:
  • 304
  • Udgivet:
  • 1. Januar 2011
  • 1-2 uger
  • 128,95 kr.
  • 29,95 kr.
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