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Danish Business Law

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This book provides a general introduction to a number of central areas in Danish business law. The title aims at enabling foreign readers – whether seeking information on Danish law for practical purposes, in study contexts or for other purposes – to get a broad insight into various parts of Danish law of particular relevance to the business community by means of one single exposition in the field. The account comprises both areas of purely national (Danish) law and areas in which an international influence has affected the Danish legal position. The foreign reader is likely to come across treatments of rules or sets of rules which are identical, in part or in full, with the rules in force in his/her own country.»Business law« is a term denoting the legal rules of particular relevance to the exercise of business enterprise. Thus, the contents of the subject are primarily determined by practical needs of providing a comprehensive account of the rules governing legal relationships of business entities.This book is an english translation of the Danish title: "Dansk Erhvervsret". IndholdsoversigtPrefaceChapter 1. Introduction - by Bent IversenChapter 2. National source of law factors - by Bent IversenChapter 3. EU law and other international source of law factors - by Bent IversenChapter 4. Survey of the Danish court system - by Bent IversenChapter 5. The law of non-contractual damages - by Bent IversenChapter 6. Insurance - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 7. Formation of contract - by Bent IversenChapter 8. Sale of goods - by Bent IversenChapter 9. International sales - by Bent IversenChapter 10. Credit agreements - by Bent IversenChapter 11. Intellectual property rights - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 12. Marketing and competition law - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 13. Basic elements of financing law - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 14. Money claims – contents, termination and enforcement - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 15. Transfer of claims - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 16. Real property – conveyancing and mortgaging - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 17. Security rights over chattels - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 18. Guarantee - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 19. Business collapse – liquidation or restructuring - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 20. The legal relationship between employers and employees - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 21. Business organization company law - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenChapter 22. International choice of law and international procedural law - by Lars Lindencrone PetersenIndex

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