Proactive Law in a business Environment af Gerlinde Berger-Walliser Bog, Hardback

Proactive Law in a business Environment

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DescriptionThis book assembles articles on what could be called an alternative way of legal thinking, known in Scandinavia as the proactive approach to law. Besides a general overview of proactive law, the contributions in this book includes topics such as legal risk management, strategic contracting, pre-contractual negotiation, collaborative contracts, iterative contracts, and selective distribution. One of the central concerns in proactive law is to include legal considerations in the managerial process by bringing in business-oriented legal advice, and generally speaking engage in cross-professional and interdisciplinary collaboration.ContentPrefaceThe Past and Future of Proactive Law: An Overview of the Development of the ProactiveLaw Movement - af Gerlinde Berger-WalliserProactive Management and Proactive Business Law (PAM PAL) curriculum; Educating Professionals for the Future - af Kaisa SorsaStrategic Contracting: Examining the Business-Legal Interface - af Larry A. DiMatteo, George J. Siedel and Helena HaapioCollaborative Contracting as Preventine/Proactive Law - af Thomas D. BartonGreat Expectations (Part 1): Towards Relational Contract Modelling as a Strategic Competence in B2B Agreements - af John JørgensenPre-Contractual Mediation in Negotiation - Transplanting Techniques from Mediation and Introducing a Neutral Contract Facilitator - af Camilla Baasch AndersenExclusive Choice of Court Agreements and the Brussels I Regulation - af Peter Arnt Nielsen"Primary" Legal Risk Management: Lessons from Claim and Litigation Studies - af Edward A. DauerThe Usefulness of Legally Useless Clauses - A Proactive Law and Strategic Perspective - af Hugues Bouthinon-Dumas og Antoine MassonIterative Contracts as Proactive Law Instruments - af René Franz HenschelSelective Distribution - A Proactive Perspective - af Kim ØstergaardEmpowering Contracting Parties - Proactive and Dialogic Contracting in Public Procurement - af Soile Pohjonen og Katja Koskelainen

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9788757427592
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  • Hardback
  • Sideantal:
  • 268
  • Udgivet:
  • 29. juni 2012

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