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Sergeant Benjamin Premiers and Family


The United States Flag is given to the wife of Sergeant Benjamin Premiers. Sergeant Premiers, killed in Iraq was in the United States Air Force. Sergeant Premiers husband to Volette Nicole Premiers and father to Donta and Carl Premiers.Now that Volettes husband is dead she is forced to move off of the military base. On the amount of income she will receive from her husband being in the military with two sons, she is concerned about how she will be able to afford it.She takes a job as a secretary and moves to the inner city of Chicago. Donta, a gifted young man soon to start college at the age of sixteen, will receive the benefits of his fathers veteran pay.Carl is five years old with special needs. Carl was born with a growth disorder, although, his mind and clarity appeared to be developing at the normal rate of a five-year-older, his body growth is extremely small. Test after test was done while Sergeant Premiers was alive, finally, the Sergeant and his wife decided no more test for young Carl. They were a strong family unit, Black proud Americans. The Sergeant was a strong man; in fact he never made a decision based on the needs of his family without discussing it with his beautiful wife Volette. Together, as a family unit, they decided family matters. When the Sergeant wasnt on tour he always spent quality time with his family. He was a true man of statue. Well loved, well respected and well missed.Upon the move to Chicago, unfortunately, gang members raped five-year-old Carl Premiers, leaving him for dead. These terrible acts of terrorism and crimes against the Premiers family led Volette no choice but to reconnect with her martial arts background and to network with twenty five members of an elicit military special force team, trained by her late husband Sergeant Premiers.

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  • 9781452083735
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  • 26. oktober 2010

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