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Striped Bass 60++ Pound Club


How many striped bass of 60 pounds or more have you heard about? How about 70 pounds? Read the passion, dedication and plain luck to be at the right place and time. You cant plan on catching one of these giants but you can read why planning was important. Fishermen wrote these stories, about their feelings, the problems, the what if , the biggest one lost, 200 pounds of bass and.. You will wish you were there! These are precious stories because you cant find many of these fishermen and women. Some have passed on, many have moved, others are just lost in the big cities or elsewhere. With so few big bass anglers found and so few big bass caught, it is truly a rare event to have the true stories from the fishermen who caught these giants. These are the best striper anglers from boat, surf or jetty; it was their livelihood. All of them and all others in 60+ pound class are listed in the book. Some of them have disclosed the secrets they used to catch their record striped bass. It took decades of experience to find these gems. Use them yourself. T.C. Associates, Box 351, West Point, PA. 19486 email:

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  • 9781450258012
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  • 10. november 2010

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