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Internationale relationer

  • Politics of Genocide af David Peterson
    af David Peterson & Edward S. Herman

  • Counter-Revolution af Jan (Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford and Ralf Dahrendorf Professorial Fellow at St Antony's College) Zielonka Spar 33%
    - Liberal Europe in Retreat
    af Jan (Professor of European Politics at the University of Oxford and Ralf Dahrendorf Professorial Fellow at St Antony's College) Zielonka

    This book is a bold attempt to make sense of the extraordinary events taking place in present-day Europe.

  • Stalin's Englishman: The Lives of Guy Burgess af Andrew Lownie
    af Andrew Lownie

    The extraordinary true story of Guy Burgess, the man at the heart of the Cambridge Spy Ring and a linchpin of Cold War espionage.

  • Great Game East af Bertil Lintner
    - India, China, and the Struggle for Asia's Most Volatile Frontier
    af Bertil Lintner

    Since the 1950s, China and India have been locked in a monumental battle for geopolitical supremacy. Chinese interest in the ethnic insurgencies in northeastern India, the still unresolved issue of the McMahon Line, the border established by the British imperial government, and competition for strategic access to the Indian Ocean have given rise to tense gamesmanship, political intrigue, and rivalry between the two Asian giants. Former Far Eastern Economic Review correspondent Bertil Lintner has drawn from his extensive personal interviews with insurgency leaders and civilians in remote tribal areas in northeastern India, newly declassified intelligence reports, and his many years of firsthand experience in Asia to chronicle this ongoing struggle. His history of the "e;Great Game East"e; is the first significant account of a regional conflict which has led to open warfare on several occasions, most notably the Sino-India border war of 1962, and will have a major impact on global affairs in the decades ahead.

  • Shadow World af Andrew Feinstein
    - Inside the Global Arms Trade
    af Andrew Feinstein

    A gripping and urgent investigation into the secretive world of the global arms trade - from a former member of the African National CongressRevealing the corruption and the cover-ups at the heart of ex-President Jacob Zuma's South AfricaAndrew Feinstein delves behind BAE's controversial transactions in South Africa, Tanzania and eastern Europe and the revolving-door relationships that characterise the US Congressional-Military-Industrial Complex. The Shadow World exposes both the formal government-backed trade in arms as well as the illicit deals and lays bare the shocking links between the two.'Essential reading for anyone who cares about justice, transparency and accountability in both the public and private spheres, and for anyone who believes that it is more important to invest in saving lives than in the machinery of death' Archbishop Desmond Tutu'Andrew Feinstein has written an authoritative guide to the business of war. Chilling, heartbreaking and enraging' Arundhati Roy'The nobility and justice of Feinstein's sentiments are indisputable. The arms trade is a loathsome commerce conducted by people who wear suits and occupy big boardroom tables, but should have trouble sleeping at night' Max Hastings, Sunday Times'Remarkable and courageous . . . The Shadow World is a heroic book by an author who, in writing it, has put himself in the firing line' Iain Macwhirter'Feinstein's book is a singularly powerful study, and deserves to be read by anyone who wants to see light shining on such a shadowy world' Independent

  • Civilisationernes sammenstød? af Samuel P. Huntington
    af Samuel P. Huntington

    Står vi midt i civilisationernes sammenstød? Kan flere store kulturer ikke eksistere side om side i en globaliseret verden? Vil de tørne sammen uanset hvad? Eller kan konflikterne undgås?"Det er min hypotese, at den grundlæggende kilde til de konflikter, der vil præge denne nye verden, ikke i første omgang vil være ideologisk eller økonomisk. De store skel mellem mennesker og den dominerende årsag til konflikt vil være af kulturel karakter."Denne tese om civilisationernes sammenstød, som den amerikanske politolog Samuel P. Huntington lancerede i tidsskriftet Foreign Affairs i 1993, skabte stor opmærksomhed og debat. Tesen har sidenhen vist sig nærmest profetisk med det ny årtusindes terrorangreb, ’krig mod terror’ og Muhammed-krise.Den kolde krigs ideologiske konflikt mellem kommunisme og kapitalisme er på nutidens internationale scene blevet afløst af en konflikt mellem kulturer. Brudfladerne mellem civilisationerne opstår i mødet mellem deres forskellige religioner, historie, sprog og traditioner. Hvor konflikten før stod mellem ideologier, befinder den sig nu i et væsentligt dybere identitetsbærende og -skabende lag, mener Huntington.Er tesen en selvopfyldende profeti, der er med til at splitte verden, eller er den en præcis analyse af det uundgåelige? Forord af Martin Krasnik

  • Democracies Divided Spar 10%
    - The Global Challenge of Political Polarization

    Severe political polarization is increasingly afflicting old and new democracies alike, producing the erosion of democratic norms and rising societal anger. This volume is the first book-length comparative analysis of this troubling global phenomenon, offering in-depth case studies.

  • Imperial Ambitions af Noam Chomsky
    - Conversations on the Post-9/11 World
    af Noam Chomsky & David Barsamian

    In this first collection of interviews since the bestselling "9-11," a foremost intellectual activist examines crucial new questions of U.S. foreign policy.

  • Cases & Materials on EU Law af University of Oxford) Weatherill
    af University of Oxford) Weatherill, Stephen (Jacques Delors Professor of European Law & Jacques Delors Professor of European Law

    This classic casebook provides a valuable selection of significant cases and legislation alongside an engaging range of carefully selected extracts, all of which are enhanced by insightful author notes in an easy-to-use and accessible format.

  • Spy Chiefs: Volume 1
    - Intelligence Leaders in the United States and United Kingdom

    This first volume of Spy Chiefs broadens and deepens our understanding of the role of intelligence leaders in foreign affairs and national security in the United States and United Kingdom from the early 1940s to the present.

  • Snakes and Ladders af Rachel Brett
    - A Personal Exploration of Quaker Work on Human Rights at the United Nations
    af Rachel Brett

  • Liberal Shock
    - The Conservative Comeback

  • CIA and the Vietnam Policymakers af Ford Harold F. Ford
    - Three Episodes 1962-1968
    af Ford Harold F. Ford

  • Monopoly of Force af Civic Melanie L. Civic
    - The Nexus of DDR and SSR
    af Civic Melanie L. Civic

  • Making Twenty-First-Century Strategy af Drew Dennis M. Drew
    - An Introduction to Modern National Security Processes and Problems
    af Drew Dennis M. Drew

  • Understanding War in Afghanistan af Collins Joseph J. Collins
    af Collins Joseph J. Collins

  • Passing It On af General Sir Andrew Skeen Grau General Sir Andrew Skeen
    - Fighting the Pashtun on Afghanistan's Frontier
    af General Sir Andrew Skeen Grau General Sir Andrew Skeen

  • Winning Insurgent War af Benson Geoff Benson
    - Back to Basics
    af Benson Geoff Benson

  • Toward a Theory of Spacepower af Lutes Charles D. Lutes
    - Selected Essays
    af Lutes Charles D. Lutes

  • American Arabists in the Cold War Middle East, 1946-75 af Teresa Fava Thomas
    - From Orientalism to Professionalism
    af Teresa Fava Thomas

  • Prince af Niccolo Machiavelli
    af Niccolo Machiavelli

  • Disruptive and Game Changing Technologies in Modern Warfare
    - Development, Use, and Proliferation

    This book explores and analyzes emerging innovations within today's most cutting-edge science and technology (S&T) areas, which are cited as carrying the potential to revolutionize governmental structures, economies, and international security.

  • Security Implications of Human Trafficking af Rachel Vogelstein
    af Rachel Vogelstein & Jamille Bigio

  • NATO af Ted Galen Carpenter Spar 13%
    - Dangerous Dinosaur
    af Ted Galen Carpenter

  • NATO af Ted Galen Carpenter
    - Dangerous Dinosaur
    af Ted Galen Carpenter

  • Mobile Technology and the Transformation of Public Alert and Warning af Hamilton Bean
    af Hamilton Bean

    "This timely book provides the inside story of the development of mobile public alert and warning technology in the United States and addresses similar systems being used in Australia, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands"--

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