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The Project Society


Today work, leisure, love, health, holidays, schooling and self-development seem to be flowing together in one big, chaotic mess. But in this book, the philosopher Anders Fogh Jensen explains that this mess has its own order: the project.We are dealing with time, space and each other in new ways - marked by temporarity, uncertainty, ad hoc solutions, overbookings, cancellations and the absence of clear expectations to the individual. The temporary 'yes' dominates our daily lives as the passage from one thing to another has become a chronic condition.The logic of the project can be found e.g. in dancing, in administration, in health politics, in football, in our love lives, in corporate culture and in what used to be referred to as private life. The book delves into these highly diverse examples from everyday life - and arrives at a contemporary diagnosis on that backdrop, describing the possibilities and problems that are created by today's project society.

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  • 9788771242744
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  • 2. januar 2012

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