The Runner’s Guide to the Planet af Jesper Kenn Olsen E-bog, ePub

The Runner’s Guide to the Planet

- Two Laps Around the Earth: Impressions of Nature and Cultures, Anecdotes and Training Advice


Danish ultra runner Jesper Kenn Olsen has – as the only human being in history – completed two world runs (World Run 1 & World Run 2): east-west and north-south around the globe. Altogether six years of running an impressive 63,000 kilometers. Now and then he breaks the daily routine of running a marathon by signing up for ultra races – he usually wins.
This amazing accomplishment is the subject of this book. Jesper Olsen takes you along on his journey introducing you to many cultures and stunning landscapes around the planet.

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  • 9788755950955
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  • 27. juli 2014

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