Ways of Virtual  World-Making: Actors and Avatars af Sisse Siggaard Jensen E-bog, ePub

Ways of Virtual World-Making: Actors and Avatars


Sisse Siggaard Jensen, Ph.D., is Professor of Digital Communication at Roskilde University, Denmark. Her current research interests are questions about how actors make sense of their chosen virtual world(s), their avatar figures, and the social relationships they are part of. Her research aims to produce new knowledge about the transformation of self and world by virtual world-making.
Virtual ethnography and qualitative in situ video interviews are some of the preferred methods of research and the micro-moments of actors’ sense-making and engagement are the foci of empirical analyses.
Sisse Siggaard Jensen is the head of research of the research project: Sense-making strategies and user-driven innovation in virtual worlds 2008 – 2012 (worlds.ruc.dk) funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO committee. She has a long record of practice and research in the fields of networked communication.
Sisse Siggaard Jensen is also the head of Experience Lab RUC (experiencelab.ruc.dk) – a lab for experimental research, among others, on virtual world-making, the design and construction of multi-modal and multi-sensory digital installations, e.g. the ‘Experience Cylinder,’ digital art projects, mixed and augmented reality.

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  • 9788778673909
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  • 26. april 2012

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