Wondering Harry and the Animals in the Feel Good Woods af Thomas Wibling E-bog, PDF

Wondering Harry and the Animals in the Feel Good Woods


In this fairytale we follow Wondering Harry on his way through the Feel Good Woods. He meets the other animals and learns how to use his curiosity, how to ask good questions, how to find out what is right for him, and how to feel good about himself – no matter what others may think – and he learns how to be creative and many other skills that are valuable to have as early on in life as possible. Wondering Harry and the Animals in the Feel Good Woods will boost many happy and positive thoughts in your child, and the small exercises will support and develop your child´s innate, healthy self-esteem.Wondering Harry and the Animals in the Feel Good Woods is a fairytale for children about personal growth. The book presents itself in an easy, fun and adventurous way so that children will start thinking about their lives in a new and different way.The book is about Wondering Harry who is not feeling all that joyous and happy. He decides to go visit the animals in the Feel Good Woods. He wants to find out how he can make himself feel better. On his way, he meets some very interesting and wise animals.Wondering Harry and the animals he meets on his way all point us in the direction we want to go: feeling good. In the last segment of the book, you will find an exercise that teaches children how to become aware of the good things in life. They can do the exercise on their own, or you can use the exercise in a conversation about feeling good.This positive and instructive fairytale is suitable to be read out loud for small children, and it is also great for recreational reading for older children. You can read this fairytale in little bits at a time, and it can be used as a basis for discussion and learning, with fun, colorful, illustrative drawings.

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  • 9788799521968
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  • Udgivet:
  • 1. Oktober 2012

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