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Frontrunners or Copycats? af Birgitte Tufte Du sparer 24% ift. forlagets pris Spar 24% E-bog, ePub

Frontrunners or Copycats?

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The articles are based on recent studies in the field of children/young people and consumption. Children and young people may be defined as innovators or trendsetters regarding new media and consumption. Or they may - on the contrary - be defined as vulnerable creatures who need protection. For quite some time this has been a topic for discussion among different groups such as educators, parents, marketers, researchers and others. The discussion is central when it comes to research. Some researchers consider the child as vulnerable, as a "social becoming" whereas others have the perception that the child is competent i.e. is a "social being."
The overall objective of this book is to give a broad variety of perspectives in relation to this important debate. For this purpose the articles cover historical perspectives on childhood, the concept of innovators, legal, generational and advertising perspectives and facts about children's and adolescents' use of new media such as the Internet and their role as consumers in today's consumer society.
The book addresses itself to researchers, teachers, marketers, parents, students and others who want to be informed about the latest research within the above mentioned area.

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  • 9788763099639
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  • 25. november 2011

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