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Learning and Narrativity in Digital Media

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ICT plays an increasingly important role in the educational field, but often the focus is more on technology than on pedagogy. Learning and Narrativity in Digital Media focuses on the pedagogical aspects before the technical aspects.  The underlying paradigm is a student or learner centred learning philosophy. Here importance is attached to the learning processes and to the development of problem solving strategies, creativity and critical thinking. The contributions are based on a common theoretical approach to learning related to constructivism, collaborative learning, and situated learning.  The anthology is organised around two themes. The first is "ICT and Learning" and the second is "Meaning Construction and Narrativity". The first theme consists of four chapters, which present and discuss different ways of using ICT in learning as well as in pedagogical processes. The second theme consists of five chapters on cognition and the use of narratives in education, learning and design processes involving media.  Learning and Narrativity in Digital Media is the result of mutual engagement in the Danish Research Network on Learning and Multimedia. The network has also published the book Learning in Virtual Environments.

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  • 1. januar 2002

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