Managing Business Marketing & Sales af Per V. Jenster E-bog, ePub

Managing Business Marketing & Sales

- An International Perspective

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Not only will the reader gain a valuable perspective on the current state of marketing concepts and techniques, but the book offers managerial perspectives which also can provide guidance for the business success. Several features of the book merit special mention. -Unique to business marketing books this book includes, in one volume, text that presents major concepts of both business marketing and strategic management. -A global perspective is integrated throughout the text. The basic premise is that marketing concepts are fundamentally international. The authors elected therefore, to integrate international aspects of marketing as extensions of fundamental concepts where appropriate rather than to have separate international sections. -The book has a strong strategic and managerial orientation. The first five chapters establish the context of marketing planning and include corporate and business planning and a separate chapter on industry analysis. The remaining chapters address segmentation and product, pricing, and communication and distribution decisions.

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  • 9788763099677
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  • 25. november 2011

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