Aims and Value in Competition Law af Caroline Heide-Jørgensen Bog, Hæftet

Aims and Value in Competition Law

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 This book brings together essays from competition law scholars from different European countries discussing the topic of Aims and Values in Competition Law from different angles.With the Lisbon Treaty the principle of undistorted competition disappeared from the EU Treaty itself and was moved to a Protocol and the principle of social market economy was introduced. Together with the economization of competition law this has provoked a debate on the role of competition law in EU.The book is the result of a research conference in September 2012 at the Law Faculty at Copenhagen University.IndholdsoversigtPART I: GENERAL PERSPECTIVESIntroduction - by Caroline Heide-Jorgensen, Christian Bergqvist, Ulla Neergaard & Sune Troels PoulsenEU Competition Law from Rome to Lisbon – Social Market Economy - by Giorgio MontiConsumer Welfare in EU Competition Policy - by Svend Albæk, Chief Economist Team, Directorate-General for Competition  PART II: PRIVATE DISTORTIONS OF COMPETITION, ARTICLE 101 TFEUThe Relationship between Article 101 (1) TFEU and Article 101 (3) TFEU 77 - by Caroline Heide-JørgensenIs there (Still) Room for Non-Economic Arguments in Article 101 TFEU Cases? - by Chris Townley  PART III: PRIVATE DISTORTIONS OF COMPETITION, ARTICLE 102 AND MERGERSCan Consumer Welfare Convincingly be said to be an Objective of Article 102 when the Methodology Relies on an Inference of Effects - by Liza Lovdahl GormsenUse and Abuse of Competition Law in Pursuit of the Single Market. Has Competition Law Served as Regulation Subject to a Quasi Industrial Policy Agenda? - by Christian Bergqvist  PART IV: PUBLIC DISTORTIONS OF COMPETITION - STATE AND THE MARKET Services of General (Economic) Interest in EU competition law - by Johan van de GrondenState Aid and Economic Development – the Case of Aid for Research, Development and Innovation - by Sune Troels PoulsenThe Resilience of Sector-Specific Competition Law in the Liberalized Sectors – Structural necessities or institutional inertias? - by Nina Boeger & Joseph CorkinComments on Public Distortions of Competition, State and the Market - by Andreas BartoschAbout the Authors

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