EC Company Law af Werlauff E Bog

EC Company Law

- the common denominator for business undertakings in 12 states


Telling a business consultant or a student about the company law and regulations of any single European state, one cannot be certain that his interest is aroused; describing the common European company law is quite another matter. Within this law, it is possible, merely by studying one central set of rules, to understand the common denominator of the most important company regulations of 12 states. This is the idea underlying this book. It describes the common EC legal core in the provisions which apply to a long series of events, from the formation of a company to its ultimate dissolution. The reader will gain a knowledge of both the background of the company regulations which apply in his own country, and an understanding of the rules which in the main he can expect to find in other EC countries.

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  • 9788757455625
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  • 5. januar 1993

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