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European Legal Method

- - towards a New European Legal Realism?

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 This present book is a result of international research conferences as a part og the research project dealing with ”Towards a European Legal Method: Synthesis or Fragmentation?”, which the Danish Social Science Research Council has funded. Also, the title is third in a series of books, that are based on the above mentioned research project.  The book contains eight contributions, each of which addresses different dimensions of the general theme. The contributors are all well established lawyers who represent each their own field within the various disciplines. Indholdsoversigt    Introduction – by Ulla Neergaard and Ruth Nielsen    PART I: CONCEPTUALIZATION OF EUROPEAN LEGAL REALISM  The Relationality of European Constitution(s). Justifying a new research programme for European constitutional scholarship – by Kaarlo Tuori  A Political-Philosophical Analysis of the EU Legal Order and European Integration: Federspectives - by Marta Postigo  Outline of a Legal Realistic Approach to Legal Integration - by Arthur Dyevre  New European Legal Realism – New Problems, New Solutions? - by Ruth Nielsen Realism, Empiricism and Doctrine in EU legal studies: views from a common law perspective – by Tamara Hervey    PART II: LAW IN (ITS LEGAL AND NON-LEGAL) CONTEST European Union Legal Methods – Moving Away From Integration – by Christina Eckes Legal Realism, Pluralism, and Their Challengers – by N.W. Barber  European legal method: – a new teleology, law-in-context, a new legal realism or hybrid law? – by Inger-Johanne Sand Authors

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  • 26. August 2013

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