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Global Relations

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The book offers an understanding of the Danes and of culture differences in general. The reader will also get intellectual tools to master the challenge of cooperation across cultural borders in a professional and constructive way – not only with the Danes. Increasing globalization has led to more and more people either working internationally or in cross-cultural collaborations at the local level. This book has a Danish perspective and Danes are not equally adept at this collaboration and would get great advantage of performing with more respect and humility. The book's framework is a model of the factors that have significant impact on global relations, namely the national cultural differences, the personality differences and the dynamics of the current situation. The theoretical foundation is, therefore, culture theory, psychology and communication theory. In addition, the points of the book are illustrated using the authors' own extensive experience in international work. Experience in particular made in connection with Grundfos, and the preface of the book is written by the Chairman of Grundfos, Niels Due Jensen. Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Philosopher's Stone" has, as the subtitle suggests, been a philosophical inspiration. Both because of its wisdom and because of Hans Christian Andersen's basic humorous approach to the world. Kirsten Frost and Ole Rudkilde own the consultancy company Aspera Mind Source A/S. Ole Rudkilde is also chairman of Dantrafo A/S and CUC Engineering A/S. Estrid Johansen works at the Department of Management and Organization, the Royal Danish Defence Academy.

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  • 20. juni 2011

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