Inner and outer landscapes Bog, Hæftet

Inner and outer landscapes

- the Canadian prairie in fiction and theory


Fiction (Gwen Pharis Ringwood: Pasque flower (enakter). Henry Kreisel: The broken globe. Sinclair Ross: The lamp at noon. Gloria Sawai: The day I sat with Jesus on the sundeck and a wind came up and blew my kimono open and he saw mybreasts. - Digt). Theory (Margaret Atwood: Survival : a thematic guide to Canadian literature (uddrag). Henry Kreisel: The prairie : a state of mind (uddrag). M.H. Abrams: A glossary og literary terms : the Ptolemaic and the Copernican world pictures (uddrag). W.L. Guerin: A handbook of critical approaches to literature : the psychological approach / W.L. Guerin m.fl.)

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  • 9788777833052
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  • Hæftet
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  • 140
  • Udgivet:
  • 17. Januar 1996

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