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Magic PHP


Magic PHP is an absolute beginners guide to web programming with PHP, MySQL and HTML5. It will show you how to build your own dynamic web sites with the magic-PHP framework. It is written to help non-programmers start coding functional web applications with simple, modern PHP programming.Contents at a glance:1 FIRST STEPS FIRST DOWNLOADS AND SETUP2 GENERATING HTML WITH PHP 3 CREATING WELL-FORMED HTML PAGES4 TUTORIAL: A DYNAMIC WEB SITE5 WORKING WITH FORMS6 GETTING IN TOUCH WITH A DATABASE7 THE QUICK AND DIRTY GUIDE TO RELATIONAL DATABASE DESIGN 8 INTRODUCTION TO SQL9 EXTENDING MAGIC FOR FASTER DEVELOPMENT10 MYSQL AND PHP UNITED: A DATABASE-DRIVEN IMAGE GALLERY11 OTHER PHP PROJECTS TO LEARN FROM

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  • 9788792562999
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  • 6. august 2012

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