Mushrooms traded as food. Vol II sec 2 af Jørn Gry E-bog, ePub

Mushrooms traded as food. Vol II sec 2

- Nordic Risk assessments and background on edible mushrooms, suitable for commercial marketing and background lists.

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Mushrooms recognised as edible have been collected and cultivated for many years. In the Nordic countries, the interest for eating mushrooms has increased.In order to ensure that Nordic consumers will be supplied with safe and well characterised, edible mushrooms on the market, this publication aims at providing tools for the in-house control of actors producingand trading mushroom products.The report is divided into two volumes:a. Volume I: “Mushrooms traded as food - Nordic questionnaire and guidance list for edible mushrooms suitable for commercial marketingb. Volume II: Background information, with general information in section 1 and in section 2, risk assessments of more than 100 mushroom speciesAll mushrooms on the lists have been risk assessed regarding their safe use as food, in particular focusing on their potential content of bioactive constituents.

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  • 28. Juli 2014

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