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Synopsis: A guide to one of the world´s premier adventure travel and trekking destination - Nepal. This work contains an Outdoor Activities chapter and coverage of ´adventure´ options throughout the regional chapters. Looking for the birthplace of the Buddha, the most exciting elephant ride in the subcontinent, the world´s highest bungy jump, the best palace restaurant or just the nearest bus stop? Whether you´re seeking spirituality or are moved by the spirit of adventure, this essential guidebook to the ´Abodes of Snow´ will take you to a higher place.From the Back CoverDiscover the unforgettable Himalaya, wander through ancient temples and visit the Buddha´s peaceful birthplace. This best-selling guide offers you experiences as diverse as Nepal´s geography - the sky´s the limit! - 55 detailed maps including colour country map - Illustrated guide to the Gods of Nepal - Walking tours of historic Kathmandu and Bhaktapur - Trekking, rafting and mountain biking chapters - Indispensable language chapter and glossary of useful words ""For reliable and auhtoritative travel information reach for your lonely planet guide"" - The Times get active - trekking, rafting and mountain-biking chapters get into it - special section on Nepal´s colourful festivals get what you need - advice on where to stay, what to eat and how to get around get smart - responsible tourism section get chatty - useful language chapter and glossary don´t get lost - 55 detailed maps

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9781740596992
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  • Hæftet
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  • 420
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  • 22. September 2006

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