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One Woman Three Men


The novel is about 42-year-old Elizabeth Trapgaard and love. We meet her when she has just become single again and realizes that twosomeness has not brought out the best up in her or men. She decides to drop the dream of the one and only and instead looks for three men: one to talk to, one for sex and one for practical work. An online dating profile puts her into contact with a lot of men. Some claim they are a three-in-one. She dates exciting men and sweet and caring men. But she also dates men who remind her of the type, she always falls for, which obviously has not worked previously. Then she meets Ruben and his two friends Anton and Frederick, Can they accommodate each other in the model? Can she, when it comes down to it?"One Woman Three Men" is an entertaining novel about a woman challenging some of our fundamental notions of what love is. It moves in the intersection between our dreams and the many new opportunities to live them out and make love grow, even when you're not 17 anymore, but still feel as though you were. The diary is based on real events. Comments on specific chapters can be found

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  • 9788799391219
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  • 12. Marts 2011

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