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Scandinavian Europe


Beyond the Arctic Circle the aurora borealis tangoes across the night sky, in Stockholm tangled streets beg to be explored, and a wild weekend runtur in Reykjavík will leave you thirsting for more. Start your Scandinavian adventure among the pages of this inspiring guide.Covers: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Denmark.SEE IT ALL - explore the region using our detailed itineraries, easy-to-use maps and colour highlights FOLLOW IN THE STEPS of the Vikings - in depth coverage of an extraordinary wealth of ancient sites GET OUT, GET ACTIVE - discover Scandinavia´s pristine wilderness with suggestions on the best places to ski, hike, cycle, canoe and dogsled KICK UP YOUR HEELS - from Helsinki´s beer terraces to the irrepressible buzz of Copenhagen´s bars and cafés, comprehensive entertainment listings give you the edge SLEEP LIKE AN ANGEL with our definitive accommodation options for all budgets

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  • 9781740599252
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  • 1. Februar 2005

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