The 101 Questions You NEED to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Life af Marlene Isabel Shirazi Rasmussen E-bog, ePub

The 101 Questions You NEED to Ask Yourself to Improve Your Life


MAKE YOUR MIND WORK FOR YOU AND ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.If you want to make your mind work for you, to achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams, accomplish your inner desires, then this is the book for you.With this practical book in your hands, you have just embarked on the journey for the life you have envisioned. This book lists the questions you need to ask to fulfill the life that you’re meant to live. And you will find “explosive” comments that add even more fire under your feet. It is designed to assist you creating your world. Its 101 questions will propel you directly to your dreams and desires. They will guide you to actions that help you to manifest your personal truth.It’s practical, it’s EASY and most of all it’s profitable as soon as you get started. THIS BOOK IS WORTH MANY HOURS OF MENTORING.Of all the questions on earth you could possibly ask yourself, I’ve included included these particular 101 since they´ve all been tested and proven fruitful with people I came across as a Mentor in Performance and Excellent Goal-setting and -fulfillment. Mind you that I only tend to work with resourceful, skillful and competent people who find themselves successful in many areas of their lives already. Yet with these carefully crafted out questions they excelled to the next level of Performance. IMPROVEMENT IN AREAS AS PERSONAL TRAITS, TALENT MANAGEMENT, DECISION MAKING, IN BRANDING AND IN RELATIONSHIPS AND SOCIAL SETTINGS.As you follow the guidance in this book, you will start your mornings with great anticipation. You will know what and whom to invest in and what and whom to just let go, all with the effect of making your heart sing every day. You will be going to bed praising yourself for fulfilling your intentions of the day, happily knowing what contributions you have made. Living your life to its fullest potential – that’s all what this book is about. ASK THE WRONG QUESTIONS, AND YOU WILL GET THE WRONG ANSWERS.By asking yourself the 101 questions I have here you’ll be leading your own thoughts, managing your life in a guided and resourceful way. Then you will start to notice and realize the benefits it provides to you for a very long time to come.The book is divided into different areas of interest so you can jump right into the area of most importance to you. Later on, you can use some of the other sections, when those issues become important to you. THIS IS A BOOK OF LONG LASTING VALUE!It’s all about performance. About you creating the life you want, fulfilling your intentions, by bringing your talents across, creating happiness for you and those around you, building the relationships that support you, acquiring personal traits you wish to master… and so the list goes on.DESIRE IS HOT AIR UNLESS YOU DECIDE AND ACT UPON IT.Ask yourself this question:“If there is no limit…what is the wildest thing I can think of as a result of reading this book?”Jump right to it don’t cheat yourself. Go ahead and experience the power of the right questions to improve your life by making your mind work for you while fulfilling your most profound dreams.

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  • 9788799516308
  • Udgivet:
  • 15. Marts 2012

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