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THE ADDED VALUE OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT af Per Anker Jensen Du sparer 24% ift. forlagets pris Spar 24% E-bog, PDF



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During the last decades the perception and application of Facilities Management (FM) has gradually shifted from primarily steering on cost reduction towards managing of facilities as a strategic resource to add value to the organisation and its stakeholders and to contribute to its overall performance.
This book shows why and how this shift occurred and how the supply of facilities can or should be aligned to the different interests and needs of various stakeholders. It connects concepts, theoretical frameworks, research data and measurement tools from different countries and different disciplines, including Facilities Management, Corporate Real Estate Management, and Business to Business Marketing. The case studies explored different sectors such as offices, higher education, industry and health care. Much attention is being paid to value adding management, performance measurement and Key Performance Indicators covering economic issues, the needs and preferences of clients, customers and end users, shareholder value, relationship value, and sustainability.
The starting point for this international collaboration was the so-called FM Value Map that visualizes the links between input (resources), throughput (process), output (provisions) and outcomes i.e. the impact on the core business and the surroundings. The book ends up with many lessons learned, both from an academic and a practical point of view, and input for the future research agenda.
As such this book is appropriate to be used in academic research, educational settings and practical decision making.

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  • 9788750210627
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  • 7. maj 2013

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