The Art of The Reward af Karen Agerbo Bennetzen E-bog, ePub

The Art of The Reward


In January 2013, nine students of The Animation Workshop released the film The Reward as their final bachelor student project. Eight months in the making, the film quickly gained popularity online, recieving praise for its strong story, colorful environments and stylized animation.The film is a feel-good, bromantic adventure short made in cartoony 2D. It is an epic story of friendship that celebrates the journey rather than the destination. This book is a collection of 200+ pieces of behind-the-scenes artwork, many of them never released before. The artwork covers all parts of production and includes designs of characters and environments, as well as storyboards, color scripts, promotional art and fanart.Notice, that this ebook is in ePub-format, but due to the graphics in the book, the ebook file is heavy and may be slow to load. This ebook is not recommended reading on other devices than computer or tablet.

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  • Engelsk
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  • 9788771570427
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  • 1. December 2013

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